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    Should festival celebrations be limited to some extent.?

    Although festivals are a part of indian culture. Every religion celebrates different festivals in their own manner. It adds joy to life and are a part of our tradition. But still the way today they are celebrated causes much harm to nature and society too. Lot of traffic on the roads disturbs the public and the society. Bursting of crackers , loud music, noise all this causes pollution leading to harm for the nature.

    It isnt like stopping celebrating festivals, its about limiting them to an extent which wont cause harm to others. Because it actually effects the environment adversely. It causes air, water , noise pollution and other than this disturbances to the neighbouring society. Dont you think too that it needs to be controlled.?
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    With the spread of education, awareness about such issues like pollution etc. is getting generated and gradually perceptible changes are occurring in the society. In general, it can be seen that the manner of celebration of festivals etc. is linked to the poverty level also. The poorer and uneducated classes are more prone to be loud and pompous in the celebration of festivals etc.

    A loud sound had always a tool to express happiness and exhilaration. Initially, even before the development of the civilizations, people used to yell or shout to express their joy. Clapping is resorted to for creating as loud sound as possible in absence of any musical instrument.

    Festivals are celebrated throughout the world though the manner depends on the status of economic development. The biggest festivals can be celebrated in a serene atmosphere by throwing a grand community feast without causing any injury to the environment.

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    It is cent percent true that the celebration of festivals in such manner causes adverse effect on nature and its surroundings. But now it has become a part of our tradition. It would be quite difficult to teach people about the catastrophic results that could generate in the coming generation just because of this celebration. Most of the people in our nation are not aware about the threatening causes of nature. They just want to celebrate their festivals with full-fledged manner whether it is Durga puja festival, Ganesh Chaturthi, Holi or Diwali. They don't care about the harmful and toxic chemicals used in such festivals. In this way, it is causing soil, water, air as well as noise pollution.
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    Celebrations, especially connected with certain festivals are increasing these days. People engaged in those celebrations are getting a sort of pleasure and satisfaction from it. But they very often forget that there are several others who are deprived of their freedom and useful time. These days very often the celebrations take place in public places. This causes unlimited disturbances to several people. Those travelling on roads are forced to stop their journeys. Many may be travelling for attending immediate needs. There may be sick people who are trapped on roads because of these celebrations. In certain cases this can even result in the death of a patient who is taken to hospitals for immediate attention.
    Fire works and drum beats result in heavy noise pollution, same is the case with music with with drums and other instruments. Noise pollution, traffic block, and several other actions curtailing public's freedom are the results of festivals these days. A control to these must be there. Freedom is there to do all these, but others also must be allowed to use their freedom.

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    I must agree that people now a days are creating non sense and disturbing the public in the name of possession of a festival. I know how a real possession and real tribute toward a God must be but that's not happening these days. Especially the non educated people from lower class were creating disturbance by loud sound systems, their ugly dances. Right from the beginning of the festival, there is real respect for them towards God but they simply create nonsense just because the people in other streets were doing so. So as a competitor these people will increase sounds and harass public. This attitude must be changed and people must be educated in this regard.
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    I agree that celebrations associated with various festivals should be limited so that other who are not celebrating don't face difficulties due to celebration. People should be conscious and aware about the issue and the Government should ensure that the policy is strictly implemented WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTION.
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    I do agree that festivals must be celebrated indoors at every home and for that there would be no objection to anybody. But festivities are celebrated in large scale and by erecting big pandal and using loud sound system the whole day not only give taxing time for the elders but also the patients residing near the vicinity of such festivities. Just last week we felt relief from the scores of Ganesh Idols immersed in Hussain Sagar , Hyderabad and the whole twin city remain closed with no activities for the smooth centralized procession. So the daily earners are deprived of their earnings for two days. And now some organizations are again erecting Pandals for the nine day Dassera celebrations by installing Mahankali Idols. Previously this practice was not there and this is now imported from likes of Bengalis residing here. So we have to face ordeal for 10 days next week.
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