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    Is IPL need of India?

    IPL should be needed for Indian sports or not? what is the use of IPL? Why should we waste so much of sources for this type of games?
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    Cricket has been undergoing a sea change during the past many years and the game is getting modified to get more fans towards it. Gone are the days when people were forced to watch only test match of five days with one day rest. Then came the one day international which had the fifty overs performance to each team and those who score high are adjusted the best. But people are falling short of time and they want quicker results for every thing. Having gauged this , the IPL was introduced with 20 overs format. Only the best will perform and others will perish. So only good players get recognized in this format and hence it has become instant hit..
    K Mohan
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    IPL is surely needed for out country. But the money which is wasted so irrelevantly in the game should be stopped. IPL should be limited to IPL only. It is because of IPL only, we have got so much hard working players like Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina who have raise the level of Indian Cricket to new heights. And every year, we come to see an emerging player in Indian cricket with the help of IPL only. IPL not only gives chance to hidden talents but also its an opportunity to showcase their talent at international level.
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    I think Cricket is our need whether its IPL or world cup. 20 - 20 short time cricket so its adjusting to peoples.
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    Well IPL is the good source of people enjoyment in the country, but many will agree on me that the money which are wasted on IPL matches are too wasteful which can be used in other way like helping the needy one who doesn't have anything in the country, other than that IPL is one of the game in the country which brings the whole country together, it is a game of relaxation to the working people.
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    What are the problems created by IPL? Do we need ISRO? or IIT?
    OK let's see why we need IPL.
    1. IPL is the reason BCCI is richest cricket board in the world. So finally India is richest somewhere so it shouldn't be a problem.
    2. Because of IPL, cricketers get paid enough money even the ones at lower level. So a young cricketer making money shouldn't be a problem unless you are jealous of cricketers ( Take it lightly )
    3. IPL gave so many international cricketers to not just India , but the world. Ravindra Jadeja, David Warner, Shaun Marsh, David Miller are to name a few.
    4. When there was no IPL, a emerging cricketer had just one hope of career and that was playing for India. Since inception of IPL, a cricketer at first class level never committed suicide. Isn't it a great news . IPL gave them a hope.
    5. many IPL teams organize trials to find out talented youngaters . Since IPL, the number of wasted talents have reduced.
    6. Tell me the names of some engineers who want to come to India and work? Or doctors? Any other professionals? None right? But cricketers from rich countries like Australia and England are licking their lips to get an IPL contract.
    7. So many IPL teams support many organization which help for Education and safety of poor people.

    Now tell me, do we need to shut IPL down?

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