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    Families of Bengal martyrs get Rs. 2 lakhs, whereas families of dead pilgrims received....

    Two of the eighteen Army jawans killed in the attack at Uri have been from West Bengal. These two martyrs are Biswajit Ghorai and Gangadhar Dolui. A day after the Nitish Kumar Government of Bihar came under fire for the Rs 5 lakhs compensation it had announced for the Uri martyrs from that state, Mamata Banerjee Government has also been facing criticism for the same reason.

    The State Government announced a compensation of Rs 2 lakh each to the families of Gangadhar Dalui and Biswajit Ghorai. Mamata Banerjee also offered one of the family members jobs as home guards. This is much, much lower than the financial compensations announced by other states.

    Would it be pertinent to remember the fact that some months ago, the same Mamata Banerjee announced compensation at the rate of Rs. 10 lakh per person in respect of dead pilgrims who went on pilgrimage in a foreign country?

    Why this discrimination? Is the value of those pilgrims more than the value of the martyrs?
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    Now election is over in Bengal, why the politician will give much money. If the election would be in near future and the soldier had been from minority community, he would have gotten 1 crore as Kejriwal had declared in Delhi. The people are very rare who care for diseased soldier's family .
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    The compensation announced by the state Governments are in addition to what is admissible as per the service rules of the soldiers. Generally following benefits are admissible to the widows of fatal battle casualties -

    1. A liberalised family pension equal to last the pay drawn.
    2. Ex-Gratia (central) payment ranging between Rs. 10 lakh to Rs. 20 lakh
    3. Air travel concession - 75% concession in domestic flights by Indian Airlines to war widows.
    4. 75% concession for travel in second and sleeper classes to war widows and first class/2nd AC/3rd AC/Chair Car complimentary card pass facility to travel by Rajdhani/ Shatabdi/Jan Shatabdi Express trains to widows of posthumous gallantry awardees of Chakra Series (PVC, MVC, VrC, AC, KC and SC) along with a companion.
    5. Reservation of seats in professional institutes.
    6. Priority in Telephone Connection with 50% concession in rental charges and no installation fee.
    7. Allotment of oil product agencies i.e. petrol pumps, LPG agencies, Kerosene agencies etc. under the 8% defense quota.
    8. Death cum retirement gratuity.
    9. Few other benefits including compassionate appointments.

    The state Governments announce compensation depending upon many factors including media coverage and popular sentiments with an eye on vote banks.

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    The central government must review the compensation aspect it tries to pay for those who were dead in accidents, for those who were dead through natural disaster and for those who dead guarding the country and in the hands of terrorist. Life is precious in all the kinds of death. But those who lost the life as Jawan or as a Military personnel there is more attached to his death. Because of his bravery day and night we could able to sleep well and if that Jawan lost his life, then the compensation should be hefty. When the government is ready to doll out crores of rupees for the sports person who got name and fame, same treatment must be given to Jawans who lost the life guarding the country. By the way the compensation should help the family of the diseased and that should not be pittance. High level committee must be constituted to decide such compensation in future.
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    Let me bring the discussion to the main issue. The incident mentioned by me proves beyond any iota of doubt that India has been slowly and steadily becoming dangerously 'sickular'.
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    The thread raised by the author is about the difference in compensation of two different cases of deaths at two different place of two of our citizens. Please pardon me for calling a martyrdom as death. Just to compare, I take this freedom to call the martyrdom of our soldier a tragic death. Though money cannot compensate for a normal death too, forget the case of martyrdom. Most of our politicians believe in the principle of existence. For existence they need votes and for that they need to do everything so that it garnishes some votes. It's totally a give and take policy. Since resources are limited, it has to be used judiciously. Therefore without seeing the sentiments, politicians give compensation based on the return factor that is vote. If they consider that this announcement of ex gratia will fetch them more number of votes, they increase the amount in equal proportion. Sadly defence persons are not considered as vote banks, as they stay far from their home and vote via postal ballets which reduces percentage voting significantly. Further there cannot form any union or federation, as it banned keeping in view its dangerous effect during emergency. Hence they are not a potential vote bank. Then how one expects to get equal compensation for a pilgrimage death and a martyrdom. One of our esteemed member presented a list of all benefits, a war widow gets, but he did not mention how much she has to run for all these benefits. He skilfully diverted the topic from step motherly attitude of our politician towards our soldiers to the list of benefits our defence personnel's dependent get. The insured amount of 25 Lacs rupees, what the dependents of a Fauji gets, a monthly premium is paid for that from his salary during his entire service. There is nothing from Government side. It is a pure insurance death benefit. What the dependent of The Faujis will do with Air/Train travel when their day to day survival is at stake.
    But the day general public will become vote bank on behalf of Faujis, politician will start announcing huge compensation for them too. If there is real pain for this different attitude towards pilgrimage death and Faujis martyrdom, then public can rectify this by showing their strength of ballet during poll. Till the time public starts teaching politicians, these types of mistake or we can say misdeeds will continue happening and politicians will continue neglecting our Martyrs.

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    Compensation of Rs. 1 crore and 25 lakh respectively was announced by Arvind Kejriwal and Rajnath Singh respectively when M.M. Khan, an assistant legal adviser with the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) was shot dead in May this year. The NMDC had also announced a job to one of the eligible family members.

    The Prime Minister and Chief Ministers use their discretionary powers in granting relief to victims from the Prime Minister's Relief Fund or Chief Minister's Relief Fund respectively. They are vested with the powers of the discretion to choose the recipient of the relief, the quantum of relief and the timing of grant of such relief.

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    Onkarnath Dolui, father of Martyr Gangadhar Dolui, finds the Rs 2 lakh compensation humiliating, which is also offered to families of persons who die after consuming hooch. I am giving below the link of the news-item:-

    Shame, Mamata Banerjee!

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