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    What about a new contest on news?

    Hello ISCians!
    As an ISC member, I have a suggestion for a new contest that could be based upon various news updates. So many new things are happening everyday around us. Are we aware of them at all? Why don't we test it here at ISC.
    The contest could have the format like every Saturday or Sunday one of the senior ISC members will come up with some news headlines. The rest of the ISC members have to guess the event that is being talked about through the headline.
    a) The headline could be given totally if it does not reveal too much about the inside story.
    b) The headlines could mentioned partially, if it has potential information in it about the inside story.
    For example, say the news is about Narendra Modi taking the oath as our PM and suppose the headline says PM Modi is about to give the oath. Then the posed headline in this contest could be ------- is about to give the oath. This way the actual information or inside story is not revealed. The ISCians have to guess it.
    It could be an easy job, if you read your daily newspapers, DAILY. It could be a very tough job also, if you are unaware about the issues in our country.
    The issues could be from the past or in the present. The answers could be mailed to the respective ISC member. Then based on the timing and the correctness of the answers received, the winners could be chosen.

    What do you say? Inviting all the ISCians to comment on it. I specially invite our ME, LE and other editors to comment and review this suggestion.
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    I request the author to elucidate more about the concept floated by her. Once a member will come with some news headlines then what will be left to guess about the event. The news headline itself will spill the beans.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    That was a good thought and review by the previous author. I edited the potential contest rules. I hope it has now no ambiguities regarding the contest proposed.
    Please ISCians do continue giving all your inputs and suggestions.

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    Contest on news is the good idea mooted by the author but it may not have many takers because a news has to be told in one or two ways and nothing more than that. Suppose if a heading is given as " Uri attack by terror outfits". Now for this news, one will surely verify the facts available on the net and may append the answer as per details there. But one or two member who may be watching the television news on the subject may write the answer in different way. Then what about others. That is why such contest wont be having wider participation as per my estimation.
    K Mohan
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    Come on ISCians, you can do better than this. I wanted more and suggestions and opinions on this kind of contests. Do join in the conversation.

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    The opinion of the editors and based on their feedback, approval of admins only will finally matter.

    However, based on the outcome of the guess the author contests organized by ME in the past, it appears that the proposed concept of the author of the thread is not likely to become popular.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    You can try it out. Show it to the ISCian as to how it works. Let the members feel good about your good suggestion. Let it not go like GA or GTA contests.

    No life without Sun ¤

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    It is a good idea to keep us updated. It is really difficult to get time for news and updates. For the sake of contest, we will try to get time for these news and updates.
    I completely support this idea but I am not sure about it's feasibility as the headlines clues will be easy to guess about any incidence through Google.


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    Thank You Sun and Padmini for your support. If our webmasters also permit to go ahead with this idea, then we could have such contests first for a trial basis.

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