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    Raising similar forum and AE threads - check before doing so

    We've had some issues with members (a) posting threads in the forum which have already been raised and (b) members raising a forum thread topic as a question in our Ask Expert section and vice versa (a query in the Ask Expert section being raised for discussion in the forum.)

    To curb this practice here's what we can do:
    1. We should check via the search box whether or not the topic has been raised in either the forum or in the Ask Expert section.

    2. If the AE query or forum thread is an old one and only if we have some fresh outlook to give on it, we could post a fresh thread in the forum only and invite discussion/opinions on it. In doing so, we should give a link to the old thread/AE query. If it is worthy of being a fresh AE query, the forum editors will have it shifted to the AE section.

    What the editors will do:
    1. If a forum thread is raised on a similar topic, the forum editors will check the similarity with the earlier thread and accordingly (i) lock it if responses have come in, assigning zero points to only the new thread's initiator or (ii) delete the thread.

    Now, by similarity, we mean that if a topic is already raised, you can surely give your opinion on some aspect related to it in that first thread only. There is no need to raise an entirely new thread on it.

    2. If an Ask Expert query is raised on a topic that was raised in the forum for discussion, it will not be approved unless in the text there is clearly a fresh question about it, the answer to which was not clarified in the forum thread.

    Similarly, if an Ask Expert query is raised as a topic for general discussion in the forum, the editors will judge whether or not it is worthy of an open general discussion in the forum.

    We request members to please follow these instructions so as to avoid duplication of content.
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    Awareness should be created among all members regarding the use of the 'search' feature of the ISC. While posting a welcome message to the new members, they should invariably be told about the benefits and use of the search features.

    The editors can play a very important role in such cases as primarily it is one of the editorial functions. Many members don't bother at all about using the search feature and tend to raise new threads on the topics which are already under discussion on other active threads.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I have been consistently advising the new members to post such information in this section which has further chance of review and addition to the information already shared and thus a discussion format for the raised threads can be initiated. Where as in Ask experts section, the questions must be specific and should not be in bunch and the replies must be apt and should not divert the topic. Many a times I have advised the new authors to raise the technical questions in Ask experts section and even requested the concerned editor to do the same. But similar posts should not appear in forum and AE section.
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    I have also witnessed this recent trend, and I must state without hesitation that in most of the cases, this duplication has been intentional. So, I welcome the present directive of the ME.
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    Few members post 'induced threads' as they have a dearth of original ideas though have an irrepressible urge to raise a new thread.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It should be noted that this thread was initiated more for existing members than new members. New members, having just stepped in, won't really bother to check. We do expect long term members to curb such practices instead of obviously doing so just to gather points!
    Managing Editor,

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