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    Can movies help in achieving gender equality?

    Movies have had a great influence on the lives of people. So, do you think that the movies can be a solution to the problem of gender bias?
    There have been a lot of women centric movies as of lately. It had provided the right exposure to the audience about the gender inequalities that still persists in our society. Do you really believe that more of such movies would have a better impact?
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    Movies do have a lasting effect on the society. Portraying positive messages through the movies is likely to have reformative effects. We have many famous movies which successfully conveyed important social messages.

    However, practically the movie makers don't believe in playing the role of a social reformer. Instead, they do act like hardcore commercial merchants and try to milk the audience by servicing them with desired contents like entertainment. They can go to any extent for making profits.

    Sometimes documentaries etc. are made conveying noble thoughts but people don't prefer to watch such movies.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What is the necessity of equalizing the genders?
    We are all working in an office or workplace where we have General Manager, AGM, DGM, MANAGER, ASSISTANT MANAGER, ASSISTANT like wise many categories of persons with different capacity but nobody is inferior in their capacity on any way. They are all doing their own responsibilities accordingly without any discrepancies. Nobody is there arguing or creating issues regarding equality. But what is the need of creating politics in equality of gender. In no way either gender is inferior. Practically seeing one is superior than other in many ways. No men can do females job of maintaining a house/family with peace and neatness as we can see the same in many families if one day the housewife is out of station or coming late from the office or outing, the man of the house got a huge tension and fuzzing without doing anything. But in an office as a manager he is challenging many tasks. Similarly both gender has their own responsibility and capacity and never equalizing each other on any account. But the movies, TV serials, Women Associations, magazines are just creating politics among the genders and they are making money on our sufferings.

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    I do agree with the author that movies if made with great determination and courage, can portray equality in the gender and thus that could have lasting effect. But our directors are habituated to show the women in bad taste and wont give her the chance to raise her voice against the men. The rape scenes, the subsequent subverting acts all suggests that women are not given due importance in some movies. Nevertheless some heroines have taken up bold concepts and even acted in such natural biography movies which proved the importance of women emancipation.
    K Mohan
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