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    Anaa Bhagya is a good or a bad change...

    Hi Friends,
    Today I wish to discuss about the scheme sanctioned by our hon'ble CM in Karnataka.
    As soon as he was elected as CM. He announced that all BPL card members will get rice at Rs 1 per KG. Earlier it was Rs 3 per KG. I think this scheme made all the BPL members lazy because I found that most of them use to resell to the retail shop people at Rs 10 per KG where they had a profit of Rs 9( per KG). In my native I had even heard people lot of profit we get by reselling it, because per member use to get 10 KG and on top of it lot of proxy where it happens every where..
    I don't understand why People always misuse the system. Whether this scheme was a good change or bad can't decide.
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    According to the information displayed on the website of the Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs of the Government of Karnataka, food grains will be supplied free of cost to the Priority Household (AAY+BPL) families across the State from May 2015.

    The entitlement is as follows -
    A. Priority Household (AAY)

    1. Rice - 29 Kgs. - free of cost
    2. Wheat - 6 Kgs - free of cost

    B. Priority Household (BPL)

    1. Rice - 3 Kgs. (North Karnataka), 4 Kgs. (South Karnataka) - free of cost
    2. Wheat - 2 Kgs. (North Karnataka), 1 Kgs. (South Karnataka) - free of cost

    The author is therefore requested to elucidate the matter raised by him/her further.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Poor people always had the tendency to earn more for their livelihood and the rice given at ration shops are being sold to private persons and even to shops at inflated price. Likewise the gifts given by Jayalalithaa as the largess were seen sold at half price in Nellore. Many party workers get benefited through CM freebies and thus they sell the same out side the state to fetch some money. By the way one rupee rice scheme is the pet scheme of Telangana government and that is being given since previous Congress regime too. It was NTR who started rice at rupees two when no one knows about such scheme.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    It seems that a competition of populist measures is going on among various States, especially States of South India. These populist measures are actually harming the economy of the country. No benefit is accrued from these measures. We are feeding Kashmiris best rice @ 50 paise per Kg. What is the result of such benevolence?
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