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    An academic discussion about ask expert section

    This is purely an academic discussion with an objective to explore the possibilities for further value additions in the ask expert section of the ISC through discussion on this thread.

    Consider the following question -

    In response to this question, total 5 answers have been posted, out of which 3 answers says that it is possible to do B.Ed. after completing an engineering degree and 2 answers say that it is not possible. The last answer has not yet been awarded any cash credit.

    The answer which got maximum cash credits, says that 'it appears that you are not eligible for admission in B.Ed.'

    Now consider the dilemma of the person who raised the question.

    What is the opinion of the editor of the ask expert section who has approved the answers posted by different authors expressing opinions on either side of the question?

    However, the main point is that as to how further value can be added in the ask expert section?
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    Yes, a good question! In fact I was going to ask precisely the same question. I would request the concerned Editor to be careful and check the factual position while reviewing replies of this type of questions.
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    Some times the editors are also getting confused in awarding the right answer. Please note that editors are also members like you and me and given the additional responsibility and there is every chance of going mistake and for that reason we should not find fault. Over these years we have not received any complaint regarding answers and its later approvals. If one or two approvals of answers were made due to oversight, then that should not be made the issue. By the way i wish Kailash take the mantle of editorship in Ask experts so that we can find refined answers in future.
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    The issue raised by the author is valid.Editors should no the right response, they should award the right and reject the wrong answer to maintain the quality of the site.
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    #579647 - Please edit to correct the spelling of the word 'know'.
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    We will have a look at the AE thread. It is advisable to always provide a direct link to it for quick reference.

    A response once posted by Tony Sir would explain things: "Answers are not part of a critical examination and the level of research done to evaluate each answer is very minimal. Obviously, our editors are not going to sit and research a lot before approving an answer. "

    Further: We are of the view that whosoever submits a query is not necessarily going to wholly depend on the answers provided here, but very likely check out the facts for himself/herself. Most people are sensible and intelligent to do so! If the person so wishes, he/she would also post a response or send a communication to the Webmasters about the inaccuracy of the information given, if it were so. Also, we have informed members that if they do find inaccurate information, they can themselves respond in the AE thread and point out that so-and-so is incorrect information and can even give a source pointing out the inaccuracy of it. That is what will add value to the section.

    Managing Editor,

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    We've done a check of the question and the answers.

    It seems that B.E. qualification is eligible in a few States while in other States the rules are undergoing change. Ultimately, as I said in my previous response, it would be up to the person who is asking to check the information for the particular State/university where pursuing B.Ed.

    Also, note that the disclaimer provided at the Terms of Use page clearly states that the site "does not take responsibility of the accuracy or redundancy, or originality of the material or any contents."

    Managing Editor,

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    The following is a link to the gazette notification dated 28.11.2014 vide which norms and standards for the bachelor of education program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) have been revised by the National Council for Teachers Training -

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    So, Mr kailash at # 579705, how do you connect this link to your query? Can you be specific? The question under consideration is, I believe, whether one can do B. Ed after completing BE.
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    Saji - On the given link, in the APPENDIX-4, point number 3.2(a) , eligibility criteria for admission in the B.Ed. degree program is mentioned. Bachelor of Engineering or Technology degree is appearing in the text. Please go through the same.
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    The given link does tell about bachelor of engineering and technology, but there's a condition added to it. The condition is, specialization in science and mathematics. It doesn't tell anything about engineering streams such as electrical, electronics or mechanical.
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    @ Dhruv - I think all engineering degrees, as we understand, are eligible. This includes the engineering streams mentioned in your post. Mathematics and sciences are part of all engineering courses.

    The specific mention of the two subjects might be in reference to other branches of engineering and technology where maths and science might not be part of the curriculum. For instance - B.Tech in Dairy Technology or in Agriculture or Animal Husbandry.

    My inference may be incorrect, but it appears to be the most logical conclusion.

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