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    Member Ranking system

    Hey all
    The member ranking system here we have on this site is great. It's a great way to know where you stand among others and also you can track your progress. One thing that I am curious to know about is how the rankings are calculated ? Please explain if anyone know about it. Thanks
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    The best way to find out answers of such questions is to use the 'search' feature of ISC using the related keywords e.g. by using the keywords 'member, rank' many threads and resources spread over 10 pages got listed. The author of the thread may consider trying the above system.

    The other way is to refer help topics which can be easily accessed by going to the dashboard and under the heading 'Quick Links' find the link to the 'Help Topics'.

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    The ranking system of this site is of International standards and everything is automated. On every Sunday evening , the system computer tabulates the rankings as per the whole some contributions of each member during that particular week and thus the ranking changes every week end. Those who are regular and progressing than last day, surely they are going to get higher rank. Those who are static and not contributing, they may loose current ranking too. But maintaining the same rank for years together is the great knack and I am sticking to the second rank for the past many months.
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    Some time back, there was a change in procedure of ranking system. I tried to search it but could not find it readily. However, I must say that the ranking system being followed by the ISC administration is quite logical. The ranking system takes into account the current performance and also the previous record. I find the system gives equal respect(!) to present performers as well as past greats.
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    Partha - See the following thread of the Webmaster Tony about the new ranking system -

    Regarding the ranking system, only one thing is not fully clear to me. The point is - 'is it possible to retain the member rank without scoring the minimum points during subsequent periods if the re-calculation tool is not used?'

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    Well, it is very simple the higher the member contribute the higher rank he or she will get, it depends on how much the individual members are contributing on that bases the member ranks are given.
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    I earlier used to think that the ranking system of ISC is non-controversial. However, just now I have found that my present rank has gone down from 20 to 21. Although during the last week,I everyday was among the top 10 chart. So, now I feel that I have to understand the ranking system of ISC much better in future.
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