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    Hurray! Pakistan will soon be titled as "terrorist capital" by American senate

    Our dearest enemy country Pakistan well known for encouraging terrorists to attack on our country, will soon be titled as "Pakistan -the Terrorist capital" by American senate. Currently Pakistan is receiving armament help from United states of America.

    In response to terrorists attacks in India by Pakistan and many so called misfirings by their army on India, America Senate conducted a review meeting for deciding "is extension for armament help to Pakistan worthy or not?" It is known officially from U.S senate that it is ready for approval to name Pakistan as terrorist capital and withdraw its armament help for which both republicans and congress parties of senate agreed in sync.

    If this happens, Pakistan will be alone in world wide relationship status as majority of the countries were supporting India in this case. I feel at last our Patience and intelligent thinking by solving problem through external affairs ministry has worked out! what is your opinion?
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    This should have been done by America long back when India produced evidence of Pakistan involvement in the Mumbai attack but the US was playing game by having cordial relations with Pakistan and at the same time giving one or two mild warnings all these years. But on seeing our PM Modi surging ahead in getting maximum support from the countries he has visited so far, the US has to take turf action against Pakistan other wise US itself will be designated as Terrorist country for abetting the cause of terrorism in other countries. Good that good sense has prevailed in US citizens visas vis India.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Two US Senators have brought a bill in this regard. Although Pakistan can justifiably be proud of this great 'achievement', but I don't think the bill will be passed right now.

    However, my convoluted mind asks questions: "Why are we waiting for the US to declare Pakistan a terrorist state? Why can't we do it ourselves? Why can't we withdraw MFN status given to them (without reciprocity from Pakistan)? Why don't we stop giving visa to Pakistanis? Why can't we abrogate Indus Water Treaty and let these sub-humans die of thirst?, Why, why why?......"

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    Partha I do agree with your so many questions which also coincides with every one thinking line, but the fact is that India wants to have slow and study approach of such foreign affairs issue as we cannot move without the approval of Big brother US. Had USSR not disintegrated in the past, surely India would have been in better position to take the help of USSR and Pakistan would have kept its activity low. Now Russia is not that vigilant like America in meddling with other countries affair. So there is compulsion for India to get US nod to declare the Pakistan as terrorist state.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    Leave alone Pakistan, should we believe The USA? I doubt. America has an independent agenda and, despite all those moves by our PM, US has never shown the inclination to support us. What was their stand in the UN? The plan to declare Pakistan as a terrorist state is more or less another ploy by them. And, why should we feel happy about American support; is it because we too accept them as Big Brother? It is high time to be aware of facts.
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    Saji rightly said. US is having Military base in Pakistan and it cannot go into confrontation with Pakistan for obvious reasons and it is better India take her own decision because we are frequently bothered with terrorism and their overtures.
    K Mohan
    I consider myself as the learner everyday

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    We are living with the Pakistan since almost last 70 years without any permanent or even a temporary solution to the problem though have fought four full-fledged wars in between in addition of the ongoing skirmishes , infiltrations and altercations.

    No nation, even the mighty the USA can live alone. Nations have to cooperate and associate with each other. India cannot afford to isolate itself from the world community by behaving like Pakistan.

    The bill mentioned in the thread was moved by the Congressman Ted Poe from Texas and Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California representing the two states in the USA which have a sizeable presence of Indian community. Who knows it may just be a political move to garner support from the Indian community to please them.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I reiterate: Let stop giving visas to these sub-humans. Let these animals die of thirst-abrogate Indus
    Water Treaty.
    Let us stop the crap: "Common Pakistanis are friendly towards India."

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    America the US is a super Power. Is this the only reason that we should trust him? America was never inclined to our country despite all terrorist attacks or other things. The first time they are taking any action towards this side which is actually not decided. I am agree with all who are saying no visa to Pakistan. India should not reciprocate with Pakistan in any means. India should take tough steps to stop Pakistan.

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    I proposed this earlier! Just now came to know that the Government of India is considering abrogating Indus Water Treaty. Let the Pakistanis die of thirst.
    “Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.” - Paul Terry

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    I hope the bill should pass in the American senate as soon as possible. Very soon Pakistan will come under a group of nations that sponsor terrorism. Currently, three countries are in this category namely Sudan, Iran, Syria. Very soon Pakistan will extend this list. Violation of ceasefires, bombings, terrorist supports had degraded the prestige of Pakistan worldwide. Thats why the bill has been represented in American senate against Pakistan. Lets see what happens in the future. In today's newspaper, you might have seen India's opinion in cancelling Indus river treaty. If this happened in future, a large mass of land in Indus basin of Pakistan will turn into desert.
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    Let us not be so naïve as to take such things. US has only its commercial, economical and political interests as priority. There is no 'sentiment' and loyalty in international relationships. For India the Soviet Union when it was powerful, gave some solid support. But that also is not now. The present day Russia is different from the USSR.

    So India also should keep its selfish interests and beware of the tricks in international relationships.

    India has all the potential to become a power. US and China does not want that. Hence they will do all that can be possible to prevent India from becoming an economic and political power. Many countries including US do the clever trick of 'pinching the child and also rocking the cradle'. Our political leadership did not have vision and did not realise the damage potential the Pak-China co-operation can do for us. along with the US id to Pakistan. US will never shed its support to Pakistan. The Indo-Pak and Indo-China problem issues are necessary for US and some other countries self interest.

    Let us keep faith on ourselves and work sincerely, not leave everything to fate.

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