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    Heavy rains in Hyderabad. Urban flooding a new head ache for civic authorities ?

    For past 49 hours continued pour of heavy rain has created a new record with low lying areas engulfed with chest deep water and people are unable to get out and those who are living in low lying areas are shifted to rehabilitation centers. Vehicles cannot move, many cars are stranded. Scooters and motor cycles washed away. Urban flooding has become the new task for the government to tackle. The areas earmarked for water bodies are given permission to construct high rise buildings and thus storm water cannot go further. Thus colonies are getting flooded. What is your view on urban flooding ?
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    My view on urban flooding is plain and simple. Urbanization is unnatural. Concrete pavements block the pores of the earth unlike in the villages and forests where water flows freely and absorbed also by the earth. In metro cities, a very large area is concretised. The rain water which pours down finds no place to flow.

    The drainage system designed more than hundreds years ago proves inadequate to carry all the water. Moreover, after the population gets thickened in the heart of the city, it becomes impossible to further increase the drainage capacity as it will require digging deep below the existing structures in the bylanes.

    Under such circumstances, the city roads become open drains and water flow on the same. Ther solution is to expand the city horizontally, don't allow high rise building inside cities for vertical expansion, keep more open spaces like parks etc. with loose earth available to absorb the rainwater and control the population growth.

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    Due to unplanned growth and blocking of sewerage system, the phenomenon of urban flooding is now being considered a disaster. This disaster has been witnessed during Koshi flood in Bihar, Uttarakhand flood, Srinagar flood and Chennai flood. Most recently, sudden water-logging at Gurugram (Gurgaon) and consequent traffic jam is a disaster at very small scale. The unplanned growth of the cities and towns, unscrupulous builders must be checked along with clearing the existing drainage system with development of new system is immediately necessary to check this menace. Urban flooding and blockage of sewerage and drainage system are also responsible for Dengue, Chickengunyia and Malaria in Indian cities.
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