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    Do you have a first aid kit at home?

    First aid is a broad based term. It means the assistance given to an individual during a sudden illness or injury so as to prevent the condition from worsening. First aid is generally provided by the layman who may or may not be trained in the same.

    However, all of us do require to have a certain level of awareness about the importance and significance of the first aid. It is expected that the people will have a first aid kit at home.

    Let us discuss and suggest the items which should be kept in the first aid box at home. Also, is it necessary at all to have a formal first aid kit at home kept at a designated place or the prevailing system of searching necessary materials when the actual need arises is enough?
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    Every house should have a fully functioning first aid kit. Especially the ones housing children. Because children and elders are the most vulnerable. A small cut can cause dangerous infections. So every first aid kit must contain an antiseptic cream, a band-aid, a dressing cloth, some cotton, few anti-depressants, an antacid and few analgesic ointments.
    And care must be taken to refill the first aid boxes in time.

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    This is a useful and necessary thread. The necessity of First-aid kit in every household is a must. However, I would like to point out that in may homes (including my own), the first aid kits are not regularly checked or replenished. As a result, during emergencies, problems arise. This is from my personal experience.
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    When my children were small and growing we used to have a mini medical store at home. First aid kit with dettol, tinchure, burnol oinment, bandage and other medicines like Ventrolin for caugh, Nise syrup for any fever and also other regulars like Amruthanjan and Tiger balm. Since in our area the medical shops will close by 8 pm and open only at 10 am in the morning and for emergency, we used to keep such medicines which are routinely required for small ailments in children. One thing is sure, children gets all sort of problems in the night and we must be prepared with required medicines.
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    First aid kit is one of the must having kit in every home. Even now public buses also have medical kit installed near driver seat. This is just to provide medical help to the passenger in case of emergency. The box should be replenished regularly. Even, in my home I used to check it once in a month so that it should contain all necessary items like dettol, cotton, bandage, thermometer, syringe, medicines like Nice, paracetamol, vicks, etc. The first aid kit is necessary in every home or any institute/organisation.
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    However, I have noticed that when a separate first aid box is maintained, then often the medications kept in the same are not replaced even after the expiry date as the box generally remain unused and unopened.
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    Not only now, it is in practice of our house since many years to have needy general medicines and first aid dressings etc., As we have frequent guest relations, and in our house itself many children the habit of keeping first aid medicines in the house is highly helpful in needy hours. It makes us to have practice of having first aid medicines with us while we move on travel on tour. Another help from such habit is sometimes the needy medicines might not available in the nearby medical shop on urgency either for us or for our neighbor.

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