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    Was Mahatma Gandhi a racist?

    According to the media reports, professors of Ghana University have alleged that Mahatma Gandhi was a racist and have demanded to remove his statue installed in the campus. The statue was unveiled by the President Pranab Mukherjee during his visit to Ghana in June this year.

    According to the allegations of the professors, he was racist and considered Indians to be 'infinitely superior' to black Africans.

    Rajmohan Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi who had authored his biography also had acknowledged that his grandfather was 'undoubtedly' ignorant and prejudiced about black South Africans.

    Mahatma Gandhi had referred South Africans as 'kaffirs' which is considered a highly offensive racist slur.

    Does it makes any difference?
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    This is the first time I am hearing some thing bad about our great Mahatma Gandhi. We have high regard to the simplest man of this earth and by digging the past we must be doing wrong for the person who relentlessly worked for the freedom of India.
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    Yes, like many other Indians, Mohandas Gandhi also used to think black people of Africa are racially inferior. While he was in South Africa, his struggle against the British was mainly for the Indians, not for local black people.
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    Color is comparative. For westerners we were dark or colored. For us Africans are dark. And this absurd comparison leads to torment and prejudice. None escapes it, not even "Mahatma".
    I knew he was a feminist and partial to Hinduism and all but racist, promotes him to a whole new level. Do I regard him even now? Yes, I do, for he led a peaceful struggle against oppressors, which prevented bloodshed on both sides. He was great at congregating people.
    Do I regard him for his personal views? I guess no. He wasn't whom you could call a " gem of a human being". But again everyone has got their flaws. No one is impeccable. So let's not try to blemish this long dead man and only remember his favors.

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    There is a saying in our custom that commenting or criticising others is not good and moreover the same about the expired person is equal to sin. Also my opinion about criticising or commenting about the died person is just wasting their time or they may do that type of work for time-passing or to get name and fame in that.

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    Gandhi ji was a national leader whose thought process and point of view towards things changed slowly as he become a mass movement leader from a common man.
    And the way his views changed made him leader so we can't judge him from any one instance of his life what kind of behavior he had?
    As he himself did many experiment in his life some of which failed some got success but the way he used to connect with masses made him father of nation. He was also a normal human being who did have prejudices because of the family background and teachings of morals given to every Indian child but what matters is how he changed throughout his life
    How his prejudices changed?
    How he covered whole journey from a normal human being to the father of nation.

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