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    Have you already digitized your old photo album ?

    Generally, people have many bulky photo albums containing photographs many of which are many decades old. Such old photographs often get faded with the passage of time. The wedding album, the photographs of children taken during various stages of their growth or while visiting places or during the visits of the relatives constitute nothing less than a treasure trove.

    The management of such old photographs can be made much easier by digitizing the same. It is possible to digitize the old photo albums in case a scanner is available at home. However, the first step should be to choose and pick the important photographs only and separate not so important photographs.

    It requires time and effort but the action is worth consideration. Have you ever thought about it?
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    Good suggestion from the author. Over the period of time our photos taken long back may faded away or even get brittle and be torn. It is better to scan them and arrange in a sequence as album in the digital format so that it will become a memory for ever. By the way I am always having the habit of saving all the old documents and photos securely and that becomes the record over the passage of time. But digitizing the photos has become the necessity as we can retrieve the same which were saved in the computer as and when it is required to be shown or shared to others.
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    Yes, good advice from the author. All of us may try to do this to clear space and preserve old photographs from the attack of time.
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