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    Teach children to be responsible instead of teaching them to be rich

    Everyone should teach their children to be responsible rather than teaching how to be rich. People these days are more into making money and becoming rich in a short span. They try ways to make money in short cut and end up in one or the other problem. Instead if a person is responsible, he will know how to work hard and save money. He will know to spend money efficiently. I have seen a person who is very irresponsible, doesn't work but cheats people to make money. Lying has become an hobby for him to make money from people and now at this point no one is able to correct him as he is out of everyone's control.
    So if a child is taught to be responsible from a very small age, he will grow up to be hardworking and genuine. Otherwise, he may end up finding short cut to become rich, cheat people and lie to society. He will lose his self-respect among people and all this will lead him to nowhere.
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    A very good suggestion from the author and this would go a long way to chisel a child to our molding design. When a child is small and he is about to break certain things in the house, try to teach him a lesson that by breaking such things, he would be deprived of it in future. For example children has the fascination to change the tv channels and watch their own program Some times they try to push the tv hard from the stand and it may fall. So parents must be a watch dog on every move of the child and mistakes must be rectified forth with. And the parents must also teach how to save money for future. Piggy bank at the home is the best way to inculcate savings habit. If your child starts saving, I bet he wont ask for unnecessary things to purchase as his motive is to save for the future. So by saving we are indirectly helping him to cope up for the future.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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