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    Now saying has reversed. Say yes to plastic and no to paper.

    With various discussion, debates and activity of demonetization now people started saying that we should be cashless economy that is to say no paper cash dealing and only cards/online etc., and hence we invite plastic cards for money handling.

    That strikes me now the saying has been reversed with yes to plastic and no to paper.

    Please share your views.
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    What dig by the author over the sudden reversal of people preference over the plastic cards which going to be the future cashless transaction tool across the banks and shops. Hither too every one was advocating plastic less society and even Swatch Bharath Abhiyan is aimed at cleansing the environment with plastic content. But one thing is to be noted here. Though we are going to use plastic credit cards, debit cards or any other shopping card, we are not going to throw the same and thus it is no hindrance to the environment and therefore full support to the use of plastic cards in future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Good! Yes, saying has reversed in terms of money. Now, we should/have to use plastic money over paper money.
    By just thinking to the level of most of ISCians, Facebook user are, it seems it is a good initiative and will bring in nice results. But yes, even worry for downtrodden has occupied a corner of mind. Will they be able to survive this way? May God help them and may they also find it easy to switch from paper to plastic.

    Chitra Rana

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    Even paper use is discouraged since that involved the destruction of forests. Moreover, that saying is quite limited to bags and not anything else!

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    The idea to use plastic money should be encouraged to our country - men especially to vegetable venders, Auto - walas and Thelawalas selling Samosas and kachoris. Initially there may be low turn - over in selling but with the passage of time, the users with the plastic money would be comfortable with the new regime. Unfortunately, 40 percent of our population are not aware of withdrawal of money through ATM, payment through debit and credit cards. In fact, now is the opportune moment to be familiar with other Banking - systems. Once the people are tuned to the different mechanisms of payments and withdrawals, they would fee the cash - crunch any longer. I have enough faith in the capability of our people and the present impasse would be resolved soon.

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    I appreciate the thread author Saroja for finding a subtle humour n this situation also. That is the origin of satire. I always enjoy such satire.

    Ayurveda always advises cures like " Ushnam ushnena shaanti"- (Heat has to be fought by heat only). For satisfying thirst one has to drink warm water.

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