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This thread wins Special prize in the TOW contest for the week 27th Nov – 3rd Dec’16
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    Money Values Should Be Thought in Children.

    As this the TOW topic in ISC, I wish to express the thought of money in the young minds. The present generation children don't have value for money. In this context I don't blame the children, but it's the mistake of the parents. In the past days when a pen/pencil was given to us by our parents, with an instruction that we have to preserve it and not lose it. Similarly we also use to follow those instructions, which was given by elders. Suppose if we lose also we would search for it and also get scared to ask our parents for a new one.
    But now the children are not bothered if they lose a pencil, pen, rubber, and other stationery items, which they take to school or college daily. If they lose they say to the parents "We want one pencil I lost it" without any fear. Even parents without asking the child any thing they buy two and give them. Even when they visit any mall they buy N number of toys to the child without thinking its price. By all this the child has lost the value of money. They don't no what's the value of earning one rupee. They think that by swiping a card in mall can buy any thing or withdrawing money in ATM gives them lot of money. They don't know to swipe a card or withdraw money in ATM can't be done if there is no cash in our account. So please teach your child the value of money and it should not be spent unnecessarily without our needs.
    Why I took this topic is, few days' back my son lost his pencil in school and asked to buy a new one. When I told him 'simply' "I don't have money". He said "go to ATM and put the card you will get lots of money and then buy a pencil for me". By his words I learn't a lesson that what a value we are giving and teaching about money to our children. I think, that we should first teach them how difficult it is to earn even one rupee per day.
    This is my entry regarding Money and its value.
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    Great topic from the author citing the creative writing contest on Money. Yes I do agree with the author that parents are not taking pains to teach the children the importance of money and how it will help them to purchase things, mitigate problems of poor and how the family is run with the money. Children think that they can eat or buy anything by simple demanding from the parent but they are not aware as to how this money is earned. From the child hood the kids must be taught about different size of currencies and its denomination and they must be trained to fetch some items from the shop and see how they manage with money. In this regard I wish to share my own experience that when I was a child my father used to give paper note which I refuse but only accept coins which for me seems to be heavy than paper value. So that was the innocence of child in me then ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Money values should be taught to children or children's thought on money value is apt in this younger generation. Even I feel many young say it out that corruption should be eradicated but it is only as theory or only applicable to government related activities only lies in their mind. While coming to their own practice of getting admission into their favourite choice of education or college, they don't feel the money they shell out is also a corruption.

    So there is a long way to eradicate the corrupt from the minds of people and especially children/youth.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    It is needed to inculcate the value and worth of money in our children. It needs regular interaction and taking them with us during shopping and banking. We should suitably answer their queries.
    It is not right to straightaway say we are poor nor to say that we have lots of money. They should be told how to earn money in honest and proper way by doing hard work when they grow. We should not be ambiguous in our talk and action.

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    It should be the parental role to inculcate the habit of saving among the kids. As soon as the kids attain the age of 12, they should be educated how the money should be spent and also they should realise the situation where the money should be used judiciously. Needless to say, they are the foot - prints of the parents and closely watch on going activities of their households. They learn a lot from their parents but anyway parental role does not end here since without any genuine explanations, confusion may persist within their mindsets necessitating the clarities of each and every action taken by the parents with regard to financial transactions. In that way, parents can teach their kids regarding the rational use of money.

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