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    Do money minded people get respect from the society?

    Often people criticize others of their being money minded. Is being money minded so bad? Generally, it is believed that the possibility of being money minded or otherwise arises only when one has money. But perhaps the facts are otherwise. I think the poor people should be more money minded.

    Being money minded simply means to be careful in managing one's money. Is it necessary to mortgage land for borrowing money for performing shraddha ritual or for orchestrating pomp and show during the occasion of son's wedding function? Is it being wise in succumbing to the pressures of the society to spend a fortune for paying fees of an expensive nursery school when a comparable or better education is available at an inexpensive school?

    I am a money minded person and have no shame about that. I evaluate the pros and cons before spending on anything.

    Do money minded people get respect from the society?

    (TOW entry)
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    I think yes. The truly money-minded people create money not only for themselves, but also for others. In Indian context, we may give the examples of Tatas, Birlas, Ambanis and many others. So, these true money-minded people are respected by all (except the communists).
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    The author has raked up a important observation connecting the content to the Tow entry. Yes some people are great at money management who try to squeeze every spending and postpone every purchase citing purchased can be made when the product become cheaper. Some have the knack of making more money with the existing money and for them wasting money for unwanted expenses would get anger. But one thing is sure, those who are habituated to save the money for future are always the winner in their life as our quality of living and recognition in the society is valued with money.
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    Just as any other asset, money also should be taken care of. Frugal is the word for those who take care of their money when it is not much. The carelessness comes when one possesses money in very large quantities or has come to posses it without much hard or honest means.
    Money also has to be managed properly.

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