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    Is cashless transaction possible everywhere and in every situation?

    Today most of the CM's of various states are talking about the various ways that people can adopt for cashless transactions. Some are saying cash flow is very important to maintain economic condition of the states. For making bigger payments people can use debit cards, credit cards or net banking facility for online payments. The official authorities of state governments are preparing themselves to provide swipe machines to small kirana shops to even vegetable vendors. In busy places like vegetable markets, bus stations, Railway stations, cinema theaters is it convenient use them. If we try to buy one vegetable from one vendor another from other how can we swipe every where like this? Is it safe to use bank cards in busy places like this? In higly advanced countries like USA are they doing cashless transaction everywhere? Members post your thoughts, pros and cons of cashless transaction.
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    It seems the people of India were suddenly forced to shift to cashless transactions without training and informing the common man nor allowing him to prepare for that. While I can understand that for the educated lot there is nothing problem to use the credit card or debit card while purchasing then what about the dealing with petty traders with whom we have daily interaction. For example my barber would take 60 rupees for cutting and shaving and how can I pay. Will he have the swipe machine, does I need to take my debit card with me always ? All these questions bothers the common man now. But the greatest fear that by using compulsorily the debit card for every transaction, are we giving more scope for the government to impose tax on our spending and also to those who receive the money through us. Still we are in infant stage of transactions through debit cards and a thorough tutorial is necessary.
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