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    Piggy bank: The best money saving bank in your childhood

    The importance of money must be taught to kids at a young age itself. Whatever the amount they get, irrespective of coins and rupees, parents should teach kids the importance of it. Let them learn the importance of money in human life and it should be spend very carefully. For a small kid, when the piggy bank is full, collect all the coins and help them to present gifts to their grandparents on special occasions. Also you can help them to spend the money for their own useful purposes. I think in schools, some charity boxes will be kept for collections. You can encourage your kids to put money in those boxes so that they will learn the habit of sharing from a smaller age itself. In the case of bigger kids, you can create a saving account to help them save the money they get as gifts. Without money, we humans are nothing. So kids should learn that money is very precious and must be saved and spend very carefully.
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    Yes I agree with the author that through piggy bank savings we had the immense satisfaction during the childhood that some thing has been earned in decent manner and that would be useful for emergencies. I had the habit of keeping the change during the shopping and put them in the piggy bank. Once my father was short of money and Immediately broke my earthen made hundi which is called piggy bank and found that 330 rupees of coins and notes and that was big amount in those days considering less cost of living. The main advantage of any piggy bank that there is always chance to put the money inside and we never have the chance to take it, unless and until it was forced to be broken. That makes us to avoid using the money inside the piggy bank and that attitude gives rise to more savings in future. One thing is sure those who are habituated to piggy bank saving they would save ever in their life.
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    This thread brings nostalgic memories.
    Piggy bank may be the 'first bank' one comes to experience.

    In my childhood the word 'piggy bank' was not popular in our place. But equivalent local language variants like 'kudukka', etc. were used. Those time piggy banks were made of clay or small tins improvised and sealed by parents.
    As I had mentioned earlier in different contexts, I had started saving using Post Office Savings Stamps and then moved to Post Office Savings Bank account.

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