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    Let money circulate freely; not stagnate it by making it just ‘ My One’

    Money and 'my one' are just rearrangement of same spellings, but the former has a general meaning and the latter has a selfish meaning.

    Moving stone gathers no moss –is the proverb. Similarly, Money and river also have to be ever moving. Then only they serve purpose. Hoarding of money is not a good -either for self or for society as a whole.

    In modern understanding of money, 'money is what money does'. Idle money is not good for the progress of a nation. The coin in old Travancore state was known as "Chakram"- 'that moves in rotation'. What a relevant coinage!.They very well knew that money has to be in circulation always.

    That is why small savings is encouraged. People are encouraged to bring their idle money to the banks and other government savings schemes and encouraged with attractive returns. Banking is pooling idle money from where it is not immediately needed and delivering t where it is immediately needed.

    Money by itself cannot multiply by delivering its babies. But money can generate further wealth and money by being part of the productive process.

    In our body, blood circulation should be normal for normal health. Any blockage will cause problems. The inflammation and bloating caused by problems in circulation may be initially misunderstood as growth, but it is actually inflammation which can lead to decay and destruction. Same is with money also.

    So let us be aware, not keep money idle, but use it for productive purposes. If some money is not needed now, bring to the public banking system, save it in legal and permitted saving schemes with banks or government or other permitted avenues.
    I think this very well suits present situation in the country. Bring out whatever idle money with you in public system and make money circulation smooth.

    (Entry for T O W contest - 'Money')
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    A very good thought provoking creative writing from the author which connects to the topic of money easily. I do agree that money must be spent so that it becomes a chain in the market the purchasing power of the people would raise considerably. For the past 20 days there was a stand still in the market as small currencies are not available and the people are postponing their purchases to future date due to shortage of small currencies. Money should not be kept idle and those who are well versed with financial management knows that money has to be circulated in the market for better reach.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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