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    No Prime Minister earlier ever taken us to the next level of Managing Money. Thanks to PM Modi

    Amidst the din raised by the opposition parties over the sudden recall of 500 and 1000 rupees notes, they failed to observe one thing that this demonetization has taught a very good lesson for all on how to manage the money very cautiously for future and for many it is the next level of Financial discipline. The untoward expenses of people has been grossly reduced and there is shift in behavior of chain smokers and regular drinkers. For house wife too it is the lesson she has learned on how to manage the money bank wise and not inside the dall bottles. What is your view on this changed scenario ?
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    I Join in hands with author regarding this. Actually this sudden and unexpected change was required in our country and even the author has given a beautiful hint to house wives.

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    I had earlier posted my views in some other thread that the people will thank Modi after few months as indirectly the move in resulting in savings as people are constrained to not to splurge money nowadays. They will be able to buy some long cherished gadget or such other things due to unintentional savings.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Please do not consider my opinion to be politically motivated but to be frank, I feel that the whole democratic system is going to be taken for a ride and the Constitutional rights that we enjoy is going to get diluted. Unlike the Emergency declared during Indira Gandhi's regime, we are going to face a different situation where everything is being wrapped in silver foils but we will be bound in one way or the other. To say that we have learned to manage money is not a healthy statement. If we can't use our hard earned money as per our wish, then why should we be earning at all. It is okay to target those who are not paying tax but to make others a scapegoat is something which I find difficult to understand. I still feel that there is more to the whole issue and only time will tell all.
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    As the step has begun, I am of the opinion that there should not be any step back. The present action should go to its decided deadline with the same confidence and conviction when started. Once that deadline is over more steps should follow.

    I am sure there will be much distractions, disruptions, pulls and pressures from the political forces and vested interest lobbies. The popular support now shown vocally and physically on field and in social media will wane as people may have to go back to their other routine after the initial euphoria and interest, andonce currency situation eases.
    It is that dull gap that the Prime Minister and the central government should be careful. In the absence of express popular support on the field, the distractive forces will try to apply their force directly and indirectly on PM and govt.

    If the Prime Minister and his government succumb to these distractive and disruptive forces and come to some compromise, then that will not only be detrimental to the country as a whole, but will be a political suicide for the ruling BJP and PM. The present currency withdrawal will become a meaningless exercise unless close follow up action steps are begun.
    I hope the Prime Minister and central govt is well aware of this and will do the needful.

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