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    A sorrowful tale of unutilised money

    Money is the medium of exchange. Human beings use money to purchase something or to make payment for a service. Money always gets circulated from one hand to another in the form of currency notes. However, I am not that fortunate. People cannot spend me. Do you know why?

    Way back in 1994, a retired person opened a bank account in a bank near the place where he settled after retirement. The man opened more than one bank account in various banks, which also included his pension account. He wanted to put the money he received as retirement benefits in different banks as early as possible, due to obvious reasons. He was in a hurry and committed a major blunder. He opened a bank account and put me in the said account, but he did not make a nominee for this bank account.

    Time flowed. The man and his wife managed their household expenditure with the man's pension. They had no financial difficulty as such. As a result, the reitred man kept me unutilised in the bank. After considerable period of time, the man forgot my existence. He left the world in 2008. His wife was not a very educated lady. So she never minutely checked the papers of her husband after his death. I remained unutilised. The lady also left the world in 2012. Their only child was settled abroad.

    People forgot about me. I remained in the bank unutilised, unaccounted, uncared for. Now, the bank account is no more active. I have been feeling sorry because I could not fulfill the purpose for which I was created. However, I have heard that the Government has decided that the money kept in the unutilised accounts will be taken over and utilised for the welfare of the poor.

    I am eagerly waiting for the day when I would be utilised for the welfare of needy people of this great country.

    (Competition entry)
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    This is the classic case of example where in people have opened the accounts in the banks not knowing even to their near and dear ones and after their death also the existence of the accounts does not known. Normally a bank sends the reminder or the accounts details through post once in a year. Now after the e banking facility, even account statements are had through smart phone only. So others knowing the details of accounts held clandestinely would not be possible and the author has brought in this cheeky issue in to the lime light by connecting to the competition entry. Good thought.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The thread has a few underlying messages. I appreciate the efforts and roundabout way the author tried to link it to the TOW topic.
    The messages to be conveyed are:
    1. Let your family members be aware of your financial transactions and bank accounts.
    2. Keep only very optimum number of bank accounts, and operate them frequently to prevent lapsing into oblivion.
    3. Give nomination in your bank accounts and other important matters where nomination is available.

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