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    Is it possible to have barter system nowadays?

    Nowadays, people are talking about cashless transactions. Many of such people may not be aware that initially, we had the cashless system only in the form of barter system wherein goods and services were exchanged directly with other goods and services without any involvement of currency notes.

    In the days of present currency notes crisis, is it possible to have barter system again and up to what extent? What kinds of challenges are likely to faced by people while reverting to the ancient barter system?
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    A new has been published in the local dailies that at Lucknow few merchants have adopted the barter system in the present currency crisis.
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    Barter system was there in our country as well as in other countries, but it was when money system was not popular. Now since people are used to the usage of money it will be difficult to adjust with barter system. Money equivalent value of a product may not be equal to the same of another product. Also the quantity required by one may not be matching with others need.
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    I think it is possible if there is a will. The merchants have association and they have huge membership. They can carry on the business with old notes and still honor the transactions and transfer of goods. Even barter system is also possible and that way there is a possibility of bailing out from the present situation of cash crunch to some extent. For example there are exclusive rice dealers, dal dealers, tamarind dealers, salt dealers, oil dealers and Kirana dealers, so they can exchange the product value for other product and thus the goods from one dealer to other would change hand for the value without any cash transactions.
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    Please do not raise threads on the same topic. Use the search box and you will find a number of threads discussed this year on the barter system, the most recent one being last month just after the demetization.
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