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    How to handle the situation where client suffered by your mistake in your job?

    How to handle the situation where client suffered by your mistake in your job?
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    Santosh, how do you expect some member to respond to your one line query? You should have given some details which would throw light on the background of the incident and also as to what is the nature of mistake or how your client suffered etc. Hope you will agree that different problems in different situations will have to be addressed differently. You have been with this site for sometime and so should have taken care to enrich your content with some details as is required for a forum thread. Hope you got my point. Please give some details to enable members to assess and suggest some solution.
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    If you are software developer and did some mistake in coding for live application and customer is now suffering for his business due to software issue and you are on leave other developer not able to find bug and he is taking lot of time.

    Customer continuous shouting to manager.And not able to contact you also.That type of situation is there.

    Santosh Kumar Singh
    (Sr. Microsoft Dynamics Axapta Technical,Mumbai)

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    It is very difficult to explain the situation of such persons who become a cause to others (clients)inconvenience. No one should act in such a way. We whenever doing a thing we should think that if it were happened to our own self.

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    Some jobs are person centrist and only he can attend to the problems if anything and nothing can be done by others. That is why before giving a program or a finished product or service to a customer one must make sure that the customer is fully satisfied and accepted your service or product in total. And after that if problems arise, it can termed as system failure and for that one cannot be held responsible. For example if you buy a tube light it is customary that the shop owner checks the bulb and give it to you. Once you leave the shop the shop owner is not responsible for the bulb so is your case too.
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