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    National Anthem must be played in Cinema theaters before movie screening- Supreme Court

    Today, the Supreme Court has made an announcement to play the National Anthem in the cinema theaters across the country, before the screening of the movies. They have also mentioned that when the National Anthem is played in the cinema halls, the images of the Tricolor flag should appear on the screen and all the people present inside the hall must stand up, except the disabled.

    In India, very few cinema theaters play National Anthem before movie screening. But today, the Supreme Court has made National Anthem mandatory in all the theaters across India.

    Why the National Anthem must be played in the cinema theaters? Is it really needed?

    Share your opinions on this topic.
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    Yes that's the good decision taken by the court. Till now the national anthem was played only in schools and in offices on Independence Day and republic day. By this most of them don't no how to give respect for national anthem. I think by introducing this there will be some patriotism developed in people, which is almost lost now.

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    In my childhood I used to see at the end of the movie on the screen National Anthem was used to be played on the screen and all the people used to stand in respect to the Anthem. After that people started slowly moving away from the theatres as the Anthem started playing. So due to this disrespect theatres stopped playing this Anthem. It is good to see that Supreme Court ordered theatre owners to play National Anthem before the start of the movie.

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    No ,its a bad move we are going to Movie theaters for entertainment not to show our patriotism. Why Supreme court leaving the main priority issues and took up a least priority thing.......... I can't Understand.....
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    While I appreciate the SC for ordering compulsory playing of National Anthem before the start of any movie of the day, I am having the doubt that it may not be followed sincerely for many reasons. We all know that showing the documentaries of film division is also compulsory before any movie screening but that is taken out in half and the movie would started in huff. Our cine goers have the habit of skipping the first 15 minutes and would enter the theater for just viewing the film. In that case playing the National anthem would be a futile exercise as there cannot be pride factor as there would be total commotion to search for the seat and not hear the anthem and respect it.
    K Mohan
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    I personally do not think such an order should have been passed by the Hon'ble Supreme Court. Patriotism is not something that need to be forced upon though all of us do experience a special feeling whenever the National Anthem is played. Not forgetting the skirmishes that had occurred in the past regarding not standing up while the anthem was being played, I think we must not take on to ourselves to ensure that all those present in a cinema hall does stand up; there may be old people or those who are disabled who may find it difficult to get up and stand as soon the anthem starts playing. Regarding moving around, the Apex Court has mentioned in the order that the entry and exit points in theaters should be closed just before playing the National Anthem.
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    Seriously I could not understand the logic behind this. Even if everyone is healthy there, who are we to force people to feel in a certain way at a certain time.
    Anthem is like a sacred thing for me and I do not like this decision because I feel national anthem will be mocked there, the level of movies we make in different 'woods'(Bollywood, jollywood, tollywood etc.) present in our Indian cinema and not eligible enough to have National Anthem before the screening. It will be insulted, and as our national flag it should not be everywhere but at the right place only.

    Chitra Rana

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    Till the year 1975, there was a practice of playing National Anthem at the end of every in the theaters, almost in all theaters and I have seen (also stood) in such playing in the cinema halls. In schools, after the prayer was over daily morning, the National Anthem was played in the speaker and only after that we were dispersed. I do not know who stopped this and who started to make the Court to intervene and make order. From this one is very clear that we ourselves are the reason for stopping and restarting. However nothing can be introduced or make one to follow by enacting a rule or command without self motivation.

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    Unfortunately in India even educated people don't have clear idea about nation-state and its functioning. The left-leaning, so-called liberal intelligentsia of the country only know about Fundamental Rights. The don't talk about Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles of Indian Constitution.

    Hon'ble Supreme Court has reminded the citizens of the country (along with those root-less intelligentsia) about Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles. The Apex Court has tried to give beautiful, necessary and relevant guidance about the functioning of a modern nation-state.

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    In India there are people who watch a particular movie more than once and they know the ending part of the movie and would walk away before the movie ends. That gives signal to others also to follow the suit. In that melee if the National anthem is to be played after the movie is finished, I doubt only minimal fans would be there and they wont concentrate to give respect to the National flag by standing or saluting , instead they would be rushing towards the parking lot to fetch the vehicle. So the move is good, but the compulsory playing of National anthem in every theater is the big question mark.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When this was introduced in the past, all had the patience to sit and watch the movie for 3 good hours but had no patience to stand and respect our national anthem for 52 seconds but to leave the hall. This is what the patriotism shown by our Indians in our cinema hall after the show.

    Now, the decision to play the national anthem at the beginning of the show is an ideal one. Many cine goers rush to the hall at the last minute or after the start of the show only. However, the people inside the movie hall at the start of the show are expected to raise and stand erect while the anthem is played. Thus our national anthem will be honoured by one and all present in the cinema hall.

    I would say that it is not a bad decision by the Supreme court. I welcome and support it.

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    I fully support the directive of Hon'ble Supreme Court. I would also request the Apex Court to take necessary action against those political parties and media-houses which have been trying their level best to create confusion in the minds of common people in this regard.
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    People are forgetting the spirit of nationalism. It is an effort to create some respect for nation through national anthem.I fully support the directive of Honorable Supreme Court.
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