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    Money can either build you or destroy you

    There are so many people who work hard and make money to earn their living. Every person wants to work and make money to be independent and rich. As people start working, attitude of some change and attitude of some remains the same. Some people become so much money minded that they stop giving time to family and friends, they always keep working to make money and become rich. Sometimes they will start having ego, they start being very greedy and they start looking down at others. They will feel that what they do is always right and others are wrong. When a person has such attitude, people will stop avoiding him and stay far from him. In this way he will lose all his friends and will have no one to share his feelings when needed.
    A person's attitude should not change no matter what. If he starts getting more money, then he should try helping the poor and needy when needed. He should look at everyone eqaully and never feel superior about himself. That way people will respect him and he will also have many friends. This way depending on a attitude of a person, money can either build him or destroy him.
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    I beg to differ especially after the 8th Nov when Modi dropped the nuclear bomb. Everybody is running after money. Money begets money, and money begets friends too these days.

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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