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    How much people like publishing their names or photographs in the media?

    Generally, people feel elated to see their names or photographs published in the media. The immense popularity of the social websites like Facebook is because of such traits of the individuals. Nowadays, there are many websites on which contents can be posted and the photographs can be published free of cost. Thus an opportunity is available to the individuals to get their names and photographs published.

    How much you like seeing your name or photograph published in the media? Do you know any individual who is obsessive of publishing his/her name/photograph in the media irrespective of its appropriate context or not? Is such tendency a normal human trait?
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    Getting a free publicity by not doing any contribution is nothing but attention seeking drama through hook or crook means. It is better to do some service or write content and win the appreciation of any on line site and that would give you the fitting reason to appear your name and photo along with the contents. For example in this site also only the award winners are being shown in the slot which appears in the gif format and we know not every member gets their in spite of their contributions. At ISC only the talent matters and there is no short cut entry to get name and fame.
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    In India there are many people who want to see their names and as well as their photographs on newspaper, my aunty is very passionate towards it.
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    It is common in all places and in all of us, the habit of including our names and /or photos for their own publicity but the same is good in one way that the others should know who did the same,if it is a good deed. But for this it is not good to do such publicity for their own pride.
    Once Late Mr.K.Kamaraj, then Chief Minister of Tamilnadu visited an ancient temple in Tamilnadu on his routine visit. During his rounding he asked the officials surrounded about the temple and the age. He asked about the Board depicting the details of the temple as the authorities told about the history of the temple. They were blinking as there was no board or sculpture to depict the history of the temple. Mr.Kamaraj, by showing the tubelights and fans containing the name of donators, told as the simple donors depicting their names why not the government do keep boards about the temple in a prompt place.

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