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    Can we co-relate Nabha jail-break and Nagrota terror attack?

    Only three days ago (on 27th November, 2016), there was a daring jail-break at Nabha in Punjab. In broad day-light, two terrorists and four criminals fled the jail of the Punjab town. A group of terrorists and criminals entered the jail in Punjab Police uniform and got the terrorists and criminals released.

    On 28th November, 2016, a 'fidayen' attack took place at medium-calibre artillery unit located at Nagrota, Jammu. In this connection, we must remember that Nagrota is the HQ of XVI Corps of the Army. The terrorists attacked the adjacent artillery unit and killed seven soldiers including two Officers.

    Apparently these two events are not related. But I am feeling that Pakistan is now actively trying to revive terrorism in Punjab through the Jammu route. This trend can be noticed from the month of January of this year. Since the Pathankot attack, the new thrust of the terrorists backed by Pak Army has been in Pathankot-Gurdaspur-Rajouri-Uri-Nagrota corridor. I feel this is entirely due to the effort of reviving terrorism in Indian Punjab by drug money.

    I sincerely expect that Indian security officials are taking note of the new trend.

    [Declaration: This is an attempt to interpret and co-relate two events happened in quick succession in nearby areas. This interpretation is entirely the product of my fertile brain.]
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    I am also agreeing with the author that there is a definite shift in the ugly ulterior motive of the Pakistan which wants to create more blood shed in Punjab through Jammu route. What is more surprising that the terrorists are choosing the uniform of local police and Military and gaining entry into the installations and then attacking the cops with will. This brings the great questioning as to how the main gates of our armed forces and police installations are safe. Are they giving identification cards to the jawans working there and the how the Pakistan terrorists seems to get inside information so easily to plan their attack ?
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    The possibility of Pakistan trying to revive the Khalistan movement cannot be ruled out. And so, the possibility of a connection between the recent spurge in terror attacks and cease fire violations and the Nabha jail-break also cannot be ruled out. With India taking on an offensive stand, Pakistan will surely try to destabilize our concentrated efforts in a bid to gain a upper hand. I think our intelligence wings should become more alert and our forces must be receptive to their inputs because the Pakistan Army and the terrorists outfits supported by them will in all probability try different strategies to keep our forces on their toes and to divert our attention from the vulnerable borders about which we need to be very careful. The interpretation of the fertile brain of the author does indeed sound logical.
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