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    Money always don't decide your Destiny

    'Money' - One of the most valued (but shouldn't be ) & one of the most important aspect of life
    (actually not ) . This is what most of people think !! Let me give you a short narrative I know related to this ..
    There was a guy named Karthik who have many goals for life to become one of the millionaire of the country as he thinks money is everything! & Money only earns you respect ! He has a friend Rishi who once knows of 'Doodh Kashi' a himalayan range where a magical river origin is present and wants to go there with his best friend Karthik . But Karthik don't really like Rishi from his Childhood rather adjusts with him. Rishi tells of his travel but Karthik hates to go there due to his too busy life with goals.!! Unfortunately, Rishi passes away in an accident ! This makes Karthik more emotional. He takes the 'Ashes of Rishi' and travels to Doodh kashi. There step by step reaching to top, some incidents of a normal life like saving a pregnant woman leading to birth of new baby makes him know the importance of birth and the struggle of mother ! eating only boiled food tells him importance of food... similar situations bring lot of changes in him during journey . When he reaches his destination - Doodh Kashi, he just have tears in eyes !! He then knows what is his actual destination , what is success , what is life !! Later, after being back , He tries inspire many people with his words of what life is , how important it is making him popular which is WITHOUT MONEY !!
    This is what something inspiring for us !.."Money is a need but don't greed for it !! "
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    Warm welcome to our new member Tanishq and I am greatly impressed by the first post which has the inspiring note on how the life takes turns and the money alone does not change the life and decided the destiny. It is the fact that we are all habituated to run after the money for our survival but one of my mentor said that when we are forthright, hard working and sincere, the money must come to us on its own and we need not beg for it. Probably he made that hitting statement. But given the stiff competition and the need for survival by the fittest in the society, so times we are forgoing the humanity, the need to reach for others and have become selfish in every matter and thus makes us more stubborn too. One thing is sure, the more we earn money, the more the diversion of our mind to safe guard it and there is not guarantee that thus the money earned would come with us even after death ?
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank You for Your wishes Mohan sir ! I

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