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    Is it time to break the monotony?

    Friends, since Nov 08th, the day when the Prime Minister declared the demonetization, the forum of ISC has been filled with threads on the topic and related issues. The topic has been discussed from different angles and we have been following the same religiously. As is said, anything excessive can become poisonous (unpalatable) and so can be discussing the same point albeit with different views and opinion. So, can we have some threads that are not related to demonetization? I know it is a current topic and may bring in traffic but let us have a healthy mixture so that the forum maintains variety and remain interesting. Variety is after all the spice of life. This is my take, what do you say?
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    I do agree with the Lead editor that demonetization topic has become hot discussion through various threads raised here and today is the 1st December the agony and pain of the those who are managing their family with only cash transactions are going to be multi fold as the banks fail to cater to the needs of common man, the employees are getting part of their salary through cash and surely this forum will also react on the same direction. But for a change I did post a different thread today just now and let me see how our members would react and even this author would share his response to that thread on vulgarity in comedy ?
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    Yes, I fully agree with Mr. Saji Ganesh in this regard. With more than 50 threads on the same topic and a widely participated GD on the issue, let us give de-monitization a well-deserved break.
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    I too agree with the point made by Saji sir
    " things in excess may prove poisonus"
    Same is with the discussion on the same topic in different wats in excess may prove boring.
    So we should try to post and discuss new topocs and issues.

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