Reasons of back pain and measures of action to remove

Back pain is common in nowadays in almost every person. The following are basic reasons for the setback of backpain.
a) Long Sitting without break is the major reason for the back pain in many of us. When we are sitting in a same place before the desk for more than eight hours, this itself the major reason for back pain.

b)Poor Posture in our sitting is also a cause for having back pain. As wrong posture is adding stress and strain to muscles and spine the compression of the blood vessels As time passes the Para-spinal muscles, discs and joints become painful.

c)Smoking,though considered a bad habit in human,is becoming an aspect which is worsening the back pain. Nicotine reduces blood flow to the discs and further the smoking minimizes calcium absorption, inhibiting bone growth.

d) Improper diet becomes a reason for back pain. Lack of vitamin D3 and B12 weaken the bones an well nerves.

e)Continous usage of mobile phones creates pressure on the necks and thereby the backpain stress increases.

f) Lack of exercise leads to increase in back pain

g)Lifting weight and other things in abnormal posture will also be cause for increasing back pain.

h)Though doing regular exercise if the same has done in a wrong posture will also a cause to back pain.

i) Excessing driving or continuous driving also become a cause for back pain.

j) Using the laptop or mobile in a wrong position that too using in beds causes back pain.

j)Wearing malalignment footwear or improper footwear also become a cause for back pain.

By considering the above causes we should alert ourselves by preventing the above to get rid of back pain.
This article was given by a Physiotherapist Dr.Rakesh Kumar.