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    Are you still in touch with your oldest friend, childhood friend?

    Friendship is one of the most precious gift we all have in our lives. With time a friend may go far but the time they have given to us always stay with us or do you have your childhood friends still your friends? Do you remember your oldest childhood friend? Do you remember anything funny from childhood what you did, played with her or him? Lets name an oldest friends and remember her/him with any particular incident your remember.
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    Yes I am still touch with 10 friend who was from childhood but lot of contacts I have lost and new friends come in picture time to time.

    At last we only get surroundings of professional friends only. I think its joyful moment if I get any surprise call from old friend.

    Love become more strong on longer time.

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    Childhood friends are very special to us and they only have the rights to chide, call us by nick name and even scold in front of others at this age. This right cannot be experienced with the new friends. I still cherish my childhood friends and they are loyal to me ever. Some of the childhood friends are in high positions, having big business and big shops. When I go there, they would stand up and come forward to give a tight hug. The friend who is having shop asks me to sit in the cashier seat for a while and control the proceedings. I feel happy that friends of childhood still have regards.
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    Thanks to Facebook, I am in contact with some of my friends from my school, college and universities where I studied. However, I am here to tell about my best friend from my school-days.
    Both of us started attending school in Class-III in New Alipore Multipurpose School on the same day (2nd February,1975). We passed our Xth Board (Madhyamik in West Bengal) with almost similar marks. I did my X+II in Science from the same school, he did his X+II from Vivekananda College again with similar marks. Both of us took admission in Vivekananda College, I was in Mathematics Honours, he was in Physics Honours. After Graduation, I took admission in University of Calcutta, he went to Mumbai to study B.Tech. Then I joined Government of India, he joined Britannia Company. Our contact never ended. I came to Delhi, he again went to Mumbai. After the serial bomb blast in Mumbai, he again got himself transferred to Kolkata. I reached Kolkata one day before his marriage. Similarly, he also reached Delhi just on the eve of my marriage. He stayed in Delhi for three years and went to Bangalore in 2004.
    On 1st January, 2006, he called me from Bangalore and informed that he was going to leave Britannia and join a Swedish company. After joining the new company, he went to Mumbai to receive the top boss of the company. Met with an accident in Mumbai-Puna Expressway. Remained in hospital for almost 2 years.
    My best friend is now living a miserable life in Bangalore almost in a vegetative state. Every week I try to talk to him. Sometime he recognises me and cries inconsolably, sometime he can't recognise me.
    My best friend is still alive.

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    It is much more possible to be in touch with old, older and oldest friends when one resides at the same place lifelong. I being in a transferable service lost touch of many friends. Four of my classmates are settled in the USA who are in touch through Facebook, emails and exchange of chatting and occasional phone calls. Later when I visited the USA, I went to the places of two of them, I stayed with them for two days each and we reminisce the olden days.

    When I returned to my hometown (I had no office of my organization at my hometown) after retirement, many of them met again but the relationship had become sort of historical only as our families didn't grow together. They don't know each other. Even the spouse have a limited and formal relationship.

    It is also true that relationships can be sustained only when common denominators exist later also.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I do remember the names of many of my childhood friends. If I am not mistaken, the oldest friends I remember are Ajith George and Sasikumar who were my friends as a kid. My parents still reminisce the good old days and our mischievous acts. Sadly, I am not in touch with them as on date. The oldest friends with whom I am still in touch are a few friends my high school days. We still keep contact through phone and Facebook.
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    Yes, I am in contact my most of my childhood friends and the credit goes to Whatsapp. I left my home town school when I was 8 years old and after that I was in hostel (where mobile phones were not allowed) till my Post graduation. So, it was really difficult to be in touch with all friends and even we are quite young to understand the importance of friends.
    But now we are all in contact through Whatsapp group irrespective of their places.


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    As we grow up many of the best things are left behind in the continuos race of life and among few such things are childhood and friends.
    Childhood memories are the best memories and reliving those moments with reunions and meetings when we grow up is more exciting.
    I have contacts of many school friends either on facebook or in whatsapp ,but I am not in contact with many of them as everyone is busy in their college life. But I wish to meet them in future as we all grow up and achieve something so that we all could organise and have a fantastic and happy reunion.

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    Yes I am in touch with few of my childhood friends and nothing about our friendship has changed from then to now expect that we are a little matured now. But I have listed contacts with most of my schools friends who were once called as best friends. As we grow, even our ego grows and that distances us from most of our friends. But the ones in touch now are still the same. Thanks to all social media like Facebook which brought us all together and thanks to WhatsApp which keeps us active with each other.

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    I happened to meet my high school classmate after a long time when I was on a vacation to Chennai. It was such an emotional reunion and both of us felt that we were still wearing the school uniform and could go back to our good old days. We spent a lot of time together and now we are constantly in touch. The friend I am talking about is Simul Sarkar who is now settled in Siliguri, West Bengal.
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    I am in touch with some of my friends who studied with me in the same class at school. Three of them even attended my son' s marriage. I attended one friend' s son' s marriage also. We used to meet occasionally, especially when I happen to visit my native place. Some how we did not develop the habit of corresponding through letters or e mail's.
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    I am in touch with a childhood friend with whom I was in school. We joined school in nursery and remained thick friends throughout our school life. Later, I moved to Shimla for my undergraduate course, while she remained in Delhi. We stayed in touch through snail mail and when I was in Delhi, during vacation.

    We lost touch after marriage, because of my nomadic life. We reconnected in 2009, after a gap of 23 years and have continued our friendship.

    I have a few others whom I have been friends with since my early teens – they were my neighbours when I was growing up.

    Other friendships I cherish are ones I have with students from the school I taught in. I was 20 and a young teacher and these girls were in their late teens. We shared a beautiful bond, and became/remained friends – despite the teacher/student relationship. As we've grown older, the age difference of 3-4 years does not seem much.

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    I am 21 and in touch with almost 6-7 of my friends who were my mates in class 2-3. We live quite far but we daily talk to each other over Whatsapp and on calls. It seems like we are still in class 2nd.

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    As I have come back and now residing in my native place, I am able to have frequent contact with one of my very close friend, who was my neighbour in my childhood and classmate from fifth class to tenth class and college mate also for next five years. Though I had to move away from native in connection with my job, he was lucky to have stayed almost in the same place for all these years.

    Two years back, by sheer chance, I could meet an old friend and classmate, and through him got reconnected to my primary-school classmate of first standard to fourth standard. Even a few days ago, also I could talk to him via whatsapp call.

    (I had mentioned about this reconnect and thrill in this thread)

    I also could reconnect and meet my colleague friend in my first job. We were meeting after a gap of about thirty six years (as we both left that job and lost contact).

    In the last two years I could occasionally meet a few of my school classmates in certain common functions, but not keeping regular contacts. I could not meet any of my classmates in my college degree class yet. I have lost the group photo of that time and do not have any details about them also.

    I feel meeting old friends again and able to keep contact is a grace and blessing, for people of my generation. It will be easier for present day people as there are many modern facilities for keeping connected.

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