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    Best and easy Do It Yourself (DIY) craft activities at home, with photos

    Looking for unique craft activities which you can make at home? Get free tutorials and know how to make interesting and useful things at home with DIY craft.

    As earlier too we have shared our interest in DIY/craft, if any of you have created anything recently or may be just having any DIY at your home, lets share it here with our friends.

    I will be sharing what all I have made recently. If any of you share this interest with me you are most welcome to showcase your talent here.
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    I am not sharing a photo, but am sharing a DIY tip.

    Here is a tip for those who are fond of listening to radio while their morning and evening walks but hate to use headphones as listening to something with headphones while walking on a road is very dangerous. Though it is a very simple DIY thing but very useful for the music lovers:- Take an aux wire which has at least one 3mm male pin on one side. Cut the wire aound 10 inches from the 3mm male pin. Put the 3mm male pin into the 3mm socket in your phone, turn on the radio and select the channel you want to hear. Put the phone in your shirt's pocket. You can easily listen to the radio while walking without using headphones.

    Radio in smartphone needs an antenna to catch the radio signals. when we plug the headphones in the socket, the headphones serve dual purpose, i.e. they act as an antenna for the radio and act as an external speaker cutting off the internal speakers of the phone. When we use an aux wire, it acts as an antenna for the radio and does not cut off the internal speakers of the smartphone. Thus we are able to listen to the radio without the headphones plugged in.

    When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new!

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    I had already posted one forum of reusing small pencils. This is a very simple craft which we can do it for our kid.
    1. Take a used sketch pen and remove the felt and tip of it. Now its empty wash it to clean the color.
    2. Take a colored gum-tape or a shining gum-tape and start covering the sketch pen from back end to the tip.
    3. Take a pencil which has become small after sharpening and it is not able to hold it in hand. Now pierce the back end of the pencil to the open left over back end of the sketch pen. Now you can hold the pencil in hand and use it till it becomes more small.
    This is a tip for kids to not to throw the small pencils used sketch pens. Children can DIY.

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    This is photo of two things I made at home recently. It was in routine to waste half an hour in finding different remotes. So I made that remote stand box and have asked everyone to keep remote back to it after every use or when they find it somewhere.
    Other box has some stones collected from road, washed, which are painted as angry birds, this is just to make my kid happy. She helped me in coloring those, stuck those stars. She plays with those everyday.

    Chitra Rana

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    Wow this is really such a nice thread to share our craft work and know about others too. These days I am involved in doing silk thread jewellery work from past 1 week and that really gives me a lot of happiness as making jewellery work changes my mood. Doing some craft is like a stress buster for me.
    I even got 2 orders from neighbours and I am customising and doing it the way they want. I made two earrings and a pair of bangles for my neighbour which matches their saree. I have shared a pic of the same.

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    Wow! Sushma, you made these so beautiful that it is hard to believe these are handmade. You are really arty and have talent, I would love to see a few other items too.
    As you told that you enjoy doing this, do you plan to take it to next level? Because picture you have shared has that professional perfection.

    Chitra Rana

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    Thank you so much chitra. Definitely I will share other pics soon as I complete the work. I just started this a week back to try my hand in this work and got a order and that's building my confidence. I would definitely love to take it to next level as I perfect this art even more.

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    Sushma your silk thread jewel sets are very good and looks more authentic and even tempting to purchase forthwith. Such a nice creativity hidden in you.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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