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    Just registered. how am i to start my work. who will guide me

    hai. i have just registered . how am i to start my work.will i be given any trainings. please furnish.
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    Hey, Malibu welcome to the site. No formal training is required or given to start posting here. You can simply go through the posting guidelines and start posting about anything. Remember this is highly moderated site so keep in mind what you are going to post should not violate this.
    My best suggestion to you is to explore this site more and more, while keep posting threads in forum to discuss current general topics, later you can continue to other sections too.

    Chitra Rana

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    The author can very well train himself/herself by continuing in the forum section by studying various posts by different authors. There will be many more suggestions offered to the author by other members including referring Help section etc.

    As my own contribution, I would like to point out to use a capital letter for starting a sentence. Also the pronoun ' i ' should be written as ' I ' only.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Hi! Nalini Sairaj, welcome to the world of learning, as I am not too old in this site but I will guarantee you that this is the best site in India, where people earn while learning, I recommend you, just go through all the section and start from forum section first, there are lots of contest also held in the forum section which encourages a lot to the members time to time. And if you do something wrong don't worry here senior members are always ready to help you out in any situation just let them know, here editors are also friendly and are very helpful in nature, I personally feel like home here.
    live happily in every situation of life

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    Nalini, a warm welcome to ISC! As the members above has suggested, spare some time to go through the different sections to get an idea about the site. Read and understand the Posting Guidelines and other Help Topics so that you would know the requirements and other facilities of this site. You need not worry about mistakes because we all will be there to guide and help you; only thing is that you must be receptive and must be ready to correct yourself.

    Make it a point to follow the guidelines and post quality contents. ISC being an educational site, do take care to use correct grammar and spellings. Post only original contents because posting of copied contents is not at all encouraged. Do not use SMS language.

    I suggest you to start by posting responses to new threads in the forum section and can, as the next step, move on to different sections. You can also take part in the different contests that are announced from time to time and win cash prizes. Please remember that this is not a money making site though you can keep your pocket ringing in between with your consistent contributions.

    Keep learning and sharing your knowledge and you will enjoy the journey with ISC. All the best!

    'Don't miss the Donut by looking through the hole'- Anonymous.

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