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    3G & 4G - Do we really have the network?

    We get many tempting ads of 3G network and 4G network. What I have realized is that the network in the country is yet to fully upgrade from 2G to 3G. Let alone 4G. This makes you wonder are we really getting the so called 1MBPS? For example many networks claim you get 1MBPS. But that's usually not the case unless you are on home wifi or broadband. Many metro cities seems to be having speed around 50-250kbps at the most from those networks. Even in metro city, the networks are not as fast as they show you they are. You only get few kb more compared to the 2G data.

    Do you think we have 3G & 4G networks established as promised by networks?
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    Yes, I personally use 3G network at home but let me say you that all that the company are challenging that they are giving so and so speed are all hoax and the truth is little bit bitter than that, I don't know why company don't elaborate the actually speed which most of the people get in their respective homes and in the respective areas which is really pathetic.
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    Yes, it exists. I am now working on 4G network of reliance using their Wi-Pod. However the speed of my other connection i.e. 3G broadband of airtel is more than 4G of Wi-Pod. I use both of them in rotation.
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    What I feel that the network connections of various cell phone operators are different from strategic locations of their cell tower. One more thing I observed that the cell signals are not good when pass through a water body or source. For example the Tank bund Hussain sagar stretch in Hyderabad is about 3 kms and this is supposed to be free wifi area as per the government notification. But we wont get the cell signals in full and thus the customers are denied of facility for the whole three kilometers. Moreover there must be agreement among the cell phone operators to use each others cell towers for the better quality of signals.
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