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    Water bottles what we buy is mineral water or Packaged drinking water?

    Usually when we go for a travel or when we are thirsty in summer we buy one liter company water bottles like Kenly, Bisleri, Aquafina, Bailey etc. Generally we think these and call them as mineral water bottles. But some they are saying these are not mineral water bottles but purified packaged drinking water only. To prepare this water companies collect ground water and purify them in various ways and pack them in bottles. Then what is the difference between mineral water and packaged drinking water? Can we call the company 1 lt. water bottles as mineral water or packaged drinking water? Members share your knowledge regarding this issue.
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    Most of the companies are offering drinking water only. A few are mineral water companies. Drinking water has not defined composition, any water filtered and just bottled can be drinking water. While mineral water claim to have minerals in it, natural or added. As some company collect it from Himalayas and claim it to be having all natural minerals.
    Chitra Rana

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    The standard IS: 13428:1998 provides specifications of 'Packaged Natural Mineral Water' whereas the IS : 14543: 2004 provides for 'Packaged drinking water'. Thus the two products are different and by seeing the markings on the bottle it can be known if the product is 'Packaged Natural Mineral Water' or 'Packaged drinking water'. Physical, Chemical, Microbiological and Pesticides parameters are different for the two products.
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    Yes I agree with the author that most of the bottled water what we drink are purified water packed at different locations. The bore water is purified with RO method and then packed in the bottle with so called company seal. But in this regard I trust the Tata water which is costly but still rich in minerals. I have tasted the water which is hard also and taste is good. The water supplied on the trains are also of substandard quality and the water supplied in TN is some what good. What ever it is instead of drinking a unknown source water, we are believing a brand and satisfying our thirst with a trust.
    K Mohan
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