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    Will demonetization affect coming UP elections and next General elections?

    Demonitzation has great influence on every Indian citizen. It will influence the common man's living and even the fate of every political party. There is talk in media that Mr. Modi took this decision to permanently establish their party to rule the country for long duration like Congress in the past on the basis of anti corruption. Even though it is too early to predict such result, I request members to imagine the future course of election results of UP Assembly as well as other States elections and next General elections.

    What will be the fate of future elections in India?
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    There seems to be overwhelming majority for the PM Modi and that has eventual support for the BJP in UP elections. While seeing his popularity and sharing in the social media, every action of our PM has the wide support and the same people are the voters also. By the way the recent local body elections in Maharastra and Gujarat has proved that BJP still has the capacity to win the elections in spite of opposition parties like MNS and Congress spilling beans on it. I am of the opinion that during elections money flow was great in the past and this time it is equivalent to nil. Therefore other parties in fray may not find the ways and means to attract voters except some road side meetings. Whereas BJP and PM already famous in the social media would take than route most effectively and campaign cash free this time and win.
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    A good and relevant post. However, only yesterday morning, it was agreed that the Members would not raise any other thread on the current de-monetisation.
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    The hue and cry being raised and circulated in the social media airing negative sentiments are temporary in nature. It is true that the noble objective of the demonetization move somewhat turned sour due to an inadequate preparation which was due to apprehensions of premature leakage of secrecy of the demonetization policy. People will forget it within few months and in my opinion, will thank Narendra Modi for intentionally or unintentionally causing them to save money. Thus, I don't see any negative effect in the assembly elections of Uttar Pradesh and other elections.

    The case of forced sterilizations by Sanjay Gandhi was different which had caused the people to revolt against congress party.

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    Politicians will have very less money to spend in the UP election. Ms Mayavati and Mr. Mulayam singh will not be able to use the stored black money in election process. Hence BJP will have an advantage.
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