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    Supreme court rule says that National Anthem must be played in theatres before movies

    How many of you agree that our National Anthem must be played before the movies in theaters.If am not wrong ,we are taught to sing the our National Anthem in an open space not in closed Space.
    We must be patriotic to our country.But I dont feel this an option to be more patriotic.I dont understand why under media or in any entertainment,a citizen patriotism is judged.
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    Earlier in all cinema theatres it was compulsory to play Natioal Anthem at the end of the cinema show. Everybody was to stand up and leave the theatre only after the anthem . However, only a very few people obliged to this. Hence it was stopped later
    Now the Court asks to render National Anthem in the beginning of the cinema. It has to be seen whether this will be a success, since people do not enter the theatre at the same time. One after another they enter the hall and sit here and there.

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    I am also at a loss to understand as to what made the SC to advise all the theater owners to play the National anthem before the exhibition of any movie and that could trigger more abuse than pride factor. It is generally noted that when the movie is about to start, there would be lots of disturbance as to late comers would be searching for their seats in the dark and in that melee if the anthem is played, surely none would give attention nor say the anthem in tandem and thus the respect needed for our flag wont be coming forth. This is my observation after seeing people behavior in every theater.
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    I don't why in cinema hall? Why not in Colleges, offices, etc. Patriotism won't get increased because of this and many of us won't give due respect to national anthem in cinema hall.

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    What is more important is the changing of our attitudes and only true appreciation of National - anthem from our inner core of heart will maintain the healthy tradition of singing National - anthem. Of late, there has been breach of our respect to this National - song when people seem to be hurry for exit as soon as the show is over forgetting the sanctity of this anthem. The recent decision of the Supreme - court may curb this embrassing scenario but respect of this anthem must come from within our inner core of heart.

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    A thread on the same topic is already under discussion and hence I am locking this thread. members are once again requested to keep a tag on the index page so that threads on the same topic are not brought in.
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