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    Do Betel leaves help for a good digestion?

    In the olden days people used to take betel leaves along with betel nut powder, lime paste. Now a day we call it as Pan or Killi (with some more ingredients). In what way the betel leaves will help us in the digestion and why lime paste is used along with betel nut powder? Do betel leaves really help for a good digestion? Do betel nut powder and lime paste is good for health? Do you have a habit of taking betel leaves after taking your meals? Knowledgeable members please respond to the question
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    The elders at the home used to say that by chewing Betel leaves along with nut powder and the lime, it improves digestion and the lime content would get rid of germs inside the body. Moreover those who had the betel leaves, they wont like eat anything further and their tongue would turn reddish and also becomes numb for a while. The numbness wont allow us to eat further or we wont feel the taste of even good food. That is the reason being so , after having full good meal, people go for betel leaves chewing. Moreover it acts as a mouth freshener and removes bad odor inside the mouth.
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    I don't think it can do much for digestion. As for the fact people consume it after eating, is because it reduces the bad breath. Lime too has calcium in good amounts which is helpful for growing strong teeth. It sure does arouse hormones though.
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    The areca nut and tobacco consumed with betel cause oral cancer. In Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow and Benaras are famous for paan (betel ). The lime used in the paan prepared for Nawabs of Lucknow used to be made by burning real pearls.
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