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    Do the political leaders know the meaning of 'coup'?

    The Eastern Command of Indian Army had been carrying out a survey to determine the time to be taken to re-quisition heavy trucks and other transport vehicles for mobilising troop, in case of emergency (read war). This is a routine exercise carried out by the Army every year to check and assess logistical preparedness. The survey was conducted in all states for which the Eastern Command has been responsible. Permission was sought and taken in respect of survey in 19 toll blocks of 19 districts of West Bengal (like other states involved). In most toll blocks, the Army was working with perfect co-ordination with the State Police.

    The Chief Minister of West Bengal was however waiting for an opportunity. A day before, she was rudely rebuffed by the Bihar Chief Minister in her effort to mobilise opposition parties against the Prime Minister on the issue of demonetisation. Promptly, she alleged that there was an attempt on her life when her plane had to wait for 14 minutes to get landing permission at Kolkata Airport while returning from Patna. She did not get much attention and space, so she attacked the Army!

    Mamata alleged that the Eastern Command of the Army started a coup against her! At the same time, she also alleged that Army personnel are collecting money from the truck-drivers! Eastern Command promptly released the copy of letters seeking permission for the exercise.

    In this connection, I am curious to know:-
    (a) Do the political leaders of India know the meaning of 'coup'? Is there any 'coup' initiated against the provincial government in any country?
    (b) If soldiers are engaged in a coup, do they have time to collect money from the truck-drivers?
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    It is a pity that some political leaders who occupied top post in the state does not know the politics nor governance and they are there just because of their cheap politics of mudslinging others and nothing else. I have been closely watching the Armed forces presence in Kolkatta and the letters of Army also posted in the social media about the exercise. Mamta has lost her battle against Kaala Dhan as she has no takers and hence wants to corner PM Modi on this issue. By the way why should a Army plan a coup when it is not warranted. And regarding collecting of money of truck drivers is false as our Army never stoops to that level.In Secunderabad cantonment too the QRT wing of the armed forces conducts searches on the road users passing through the area and strictly imposing the helmet rule. Does our CM KCR ever raised this issue which is going on since many months ?
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    The Army is unnecessarily being dragged into news by all the political parties. The Army has duty to perform and let it do what it is meant to do. Taking credit for Army actions and casting aspirations on them by the political parties is not good. Let them do their duty and keep it away from news and TV channels.
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    I would say that the reaction by Mamata didi was itself a coup (if you go by the dictionary meaning). It is not that politicians don't know the meaning of coup, it is all part of the game. Let us realize that the attack by the West Bengal Chief Minister was actually not against the Army but against the BJP led center.

    Agreed that such exercises were carried out earlier too, but why this dissent now? It is something to be thought of. It actually exhibits the growing distrust against the center; people have started doubting the intentions of the Modi led government and there is every reason to think so!

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    CM of WB Ms Mamta Banarjee is a drama queen. She is creating opportunity to become PM candidate material as she had done long back in singoor to shift Tata from singoor to Gujrat. She is applying the same logic here. It is not good it is dirty politics.
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