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    Why small countries are shining in manufacturing Mobile Phones while most advanced countries or not?

    When you think about mobile phones Samsung, Nokia, LG, HTC, Asus etc. are made in smaller countries like South Korea, Taiwan. Even though in India, USA, China some good brand phones are manufactured smaller countries like South Korea and Taiwan are excelling than the most advanced countries like USA, UK or Japan. Mobile industry is one of the largest and richest industry of the world. Why the most advanced countries are not focusing on this field to reap more benefits and supremacy in this field? Why Indian government is not taking advantage of this as it provide job opportunities for people. Taking clue of business potential in India some Chinese companies are establishing their manufacture units in India. What is your say about this folks?
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    I think it is not based on 'how small or large country is?' Countries with well developed technologies and raw material availability may be the reason of their monopoly in cell phone manufacturing.
    The Import cost of material is make further high cost in manufacturing for large country which would reflect in selling cost. In western developed countries are more ahead in other Industries and India is first in world provides services sector of world. But now under digital India mission, one of the objectives is manufacturing in domestic market by 2020. So we would hope that we have zero Import in IT and electronics by 2020 and Job opportunities will grow.
    We are Inviting the other countries to manufacture in India under "Make In India mission" so that we can provide jobs to our youth and reduce our Import cost as well as learn technology. I think this could not harmful for our economy If environment concerns are follow by Chinese and such other countries in India.

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    What i think that technology matters and not the size of the company. If South Korea and Taiwan are leading in mobile manufacturing means, they are spending huge money on research and constantly upgrading the mobile phone features series after series and thus public have lots of allegiance to such brands coming from above two countries. Some countries which are manufacturing mobile phones are only concentrating on high end customers and not the mass customers. But South Korea and Taiwan has penetrated in to the villages of India with their branded mobile in mass way as they understood the needs of the Indian customers.
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    One of the reasons is that almost all students wish to complete B.Tech. and MBA even by securing admission under management quota in nondescript private colleges though remaining unemployed instead of opting for a vocational/skill based training course. There is no proper guidance or direction to the students either from the Government, teachers or the parents. The education industry is flourishing at the cost of net harm to the country. The 'Make in India' mission is a right step in this direction. The reservation policy is also hollowing the system internally. The talented individuals are migrating to the foreign countries like proverbial 'rats abandon a sinking ship'.
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