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    Do you have "Pedda Bala Siksha" in your own languages?

    In Telugu language we have Knowledge resource books called Pedda Bala Siksha which can be referred by any age people. Books written by different authors are available from ancient times in our Telugu states AP and Telangana. These books are rich sources of knowledge to people of any age. These books include knowledge regarding our culture, traditions, knowledge regarding our forgotten mother language, grammar, morals, idioms of our language and their explanations, famous poems, about great poets, letter writing, natural science phenomena and their explanations, explanations about various characters from big to very small of Mahabharat and Ramayana, brief stories of Ramayana, Bharata and Bhagavatha etc., Talapatra gyana nidhi, some knowledge about Maths, History, Geography and what not every thing in our language. These books are around thousand pages and cost only around Rs.100. It is a must book in every house and it is a vigyana sarvaswam for any body and for any age. Do you have such books available in your language. members share your experience in this issue.
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    Good initiative by the author for highlighting the availability of knowledgeable books written by eminent writers of Telugu which hardly costs 100 rupees. The literature culture was very rich in those days and the Vijaya Nagara Samrajyam ruled by Sri Krishna Devaraya used to honor the authors and writers with great prizes and awards. Most of the authors were very vocal and could not publish in book format. But nevertheless their taste of using Telugu in a better way was appreciated and reciprocated with great pride. If some one visits the Tank Bund in Hyderabad, we can see whole lots of writers and the educationists for whom the NTR government honored with statues of them on the Tank Bund. If you see old classic movies or the religious movies in Telugu the padyams would be great and have impressive meanings.
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