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    How do you avoid the media bias?

    It is no longer a news that the media is not to be trusted blindly. With exclusives and breaking news being part of the competition to raise the TRP, should we, as common man, be searching different channels and papers to get a fair view of happenings around the world? Read on.

    "Most Civil Service enthusiasts nowadays have started to read newspapers and watch national and international news channels. But all there efforts are totally going in vain when they come to the interviews. Unlike the olden days, the media now are highly biased and tend to distort statistics and news in such a manner so as to get maximum points. So go ahead, read multiple newspapers, not just one, to get a unbiased view. Also make sure to stay away from the articles on frivolous comments a politician made on another etc, which are bound to take your time"

    This was what an IPS officer said to me a few years back, when I had the privilege to meet him.

    I do agree on the fact that there is surely a media bias and that paid articles do exist. But how do you ascertain which comments made by whom are frivolous or not? Many internal movements and events within the political arena give a lot of indications about the future political decisions. On the other hand, many news that are being discussed quite vigorously in print and prime time debates seems trivial to a non-political enthusiast.

    So, How do you filter out the correct information from this cobweb? How do you avoid being influenced by the media bias?
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    The candidates have to be discreet in referring media coverage. It is much easier nowadays compared to the olden days as almost all leading newspapers have their websites and e-newspapers. There are certain reputed newspapers and periodicals which maintain unbiased approach. The regional newspapers and channels should not be referred as generally they have narrower vision. As far as television media is concerned, it is possible to watch foreign channels also.
    'The media is biased' is also a part of general knowledge.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In many contexts I had mentioned about this confusion of sifting to separate the grain and chaff.
    Before the advent of the 24X7 news and analysis TV channels, things were a bit better. Even though the print media had their own bias and leniency, the static nature of a day's newspaper reports and editorials gave sufficient time to read and re-read , think, refer and analyse, for the reader. Most newspaper reports sourced from the common syndicated sources like PTI, Reuter, etc. Only very few reports were of FOC(from our correspondent).
    So it was that core of the news was almost same across the major newspapers. Only the editorial interpretation and 'letters to the editor' were showing the bias bent. As the subscription war was not so much then like the present day fight for viewership among the TV channels, the readers got more or less proper reporting. Moreover there was also a self censoring, moderation and filtering by the newspapers themselves.

    Now, the competition between the media channels has gone to cut-throat levels. The participants and 'invited' analyst s and debaters and spokesmen also want to get limelight. So altogether we get gimmicks and sensationalised versions with semi-facts, manufactured lies and fake and fictitious stories.

    The best way is to view the different channels with known and opposite bias, read the same topic n next day's print media. Use our own analytical and logical ability and experience. By then we would have got some core matter.
    Except for any dry data there will be always different perceptions, interpretations and predictions. Where we have expertise and experience, we can use that, otherwise, we have to mix and churn and also get opinion from unbiased sources.

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    Yes I am also of the feeling that some media are totally biased toward a political party or their agenda and they wont budge from that line and even go to the extent of damaging the very genuineness of any news. We all know that electronic and print media play very important role in bringing the truth before the people in visual and authentic format. But some media people are heavily bribed and favored with more government ads so that they always rant positive notes from the government. On the other hand there are some media which wont even touch the human sufferings and for them reporting more business news is important. Nevertheless over the years the Indian media is taking sides and more interested in mudslinging politics on one news which is of no relevance to a common man. The woes of the common man is never brought in to limelight and thus media is the failure in India.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Now there is a tussle going on between lawyers and the media persons in Kerala with regard to the access of media persons to court proceedings. While the right of a media person cannot be questioned, there have been few instances which would make the stand taken by lawyers sound valid and logical. Take the case of Soumya rape and murder case that had created quite a furore in the media and social circles. Flash news and exclusives were telecast by the media that Govindachamy, the accused, has been awarded just seven years imprisonment while the final order said that he has been awarded life imprisonment with a specific mention that the punishment will be for life and he won't be given any excuses for being let out earlier. So, we need to have a responsible media that has some obligation to the society and do not look up to just raising their TRP. Media is no doubt biased and there are channels that specifically cater to the needs of certain political parties; it is for us to choose and assess before reacting to any news piece.
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    Saji there is always nexus prevailing between the lawyers and the media and they would leak the inside information which are supposed to go on confidentially. Thus some National media and local media get court rulings and observations much before even the affected persons know.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I don't think you are right Mr Mohan. Media depends on calculations and probabilities and are always on the look out for something new and they compete among each other to be the first to come out with a breaking news. The final judgement in any case is delivered by the court at the last and that too in the presence of the affected person or his lawyer. So the question of leaking need to be ruled out. Media has expertise in cooking up stories based on assumptions and that is something which need to be discouraged.
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    I agree with Saji that Medias are cooking up stories based on assumptions and even they trap the common people into their biasness with a way of making them to tell the opinion of what reporter thinks.

    Also another competition is going on in satellite channels that who break the news first and after a few seconds if we see all the media will come with same breaking news.

    Today especially when TN CM is critical in hospital, all the satellite channels including other English channels are coming with various breaking news from time to time and the channels are showing from last night about it.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Every view is a bit biased. Indian media is on limit of being biased, print as well as news channels.
    Best way to avoid is to read the news with detailed information in some genuine magazines or search online for genuine writers. There are many articles online which are not biased and totally based on facts and logics. So knowing more about any news will save you from getting biased version of news.

    Chitra Rana

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    TV is playing a very vital role in our country. Many 24X7 news channels came on the screen. If simply they give the news their TRP will be on the lower side. Generation of money from advertisements will be less. So they go for all types of gimmicks.

    Many channels are biased to one or other political party. Some parties have their own newspapers and news channels. So they always try to bring in news favourable to their party.

    Another problem is many of the journalists and reporters are very corrupt. They get bribed heavily and give wrong information.

    I had an experience. I was working in a manufacturing company. We used to carry our officers to factory in a vehicle and drop them back. The factory was working in 3 shifts. One day my son was watching a telugu news channel at night 11.30 PM. In that channel they started showing a breaking news informing that a vehicle belonging to our company met with an accident and 4 people died. I wondered when such an accident happened why there was no information tome. I phoned up to concerned confirmed that there was no accident to our vehicle. Next day morning It was confirmed a vehicle of another company met with a small accident and 4 persons got minor injuries. One can understand the condition of family members of my officers till they return home safely. Like this the news channels changes the figures, names and exaggerates.
    It is evident that the present channels and papers are biased. So we should depend only on reliable neutral channels and papers only.

    always confident

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