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    Does overconfidence block a person’s intellectual growth?

    Is over confidence something different from self-confidence? Being confident is something but being over-confident is a different issue altogether. How do you asses the mentality?

    Self-confidence is different from overconfidence. Being optimistic and confident is a good thing. To be a successful person in life one must have a strong self-confidence. Hard work and self-confidence always takes a person to greater heights. But overconfidence is dangerous. The overconfident people always overestimate their knowledge and talent. Being overconfident affects a person's performance and may lead to failures and improper decision making.

    A person must have a clear idea about what they know and what they don't know and should develop their skills to achieve the impossible things. While attempting to perform a tough task or to achieve impossible things, self-confidence is very much needed for a person. The self-confident persons always learn things and rectify their mistakes. But the overconfident persons are different from the self-confident persons and they always try to follow their own way.

    Self-confidence develops a person's intellectual growth but overconfidence blocks a person's intellectual growth- Agree or Disagree?

    Share your opinions on overconfidence and its effects.
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    Yes I am of the opinion that over confidence kills the person who was suppose to be innovative and also happen to be impressive. Some people think that once they achieve the top position, there cannot be down fall and no one would beat them. That is not the case. Every day we are the learners and we face stiff competition from our nearest rival. Winner are those who maintain their winning spree and be at the top and that habit should not bring the head weight or the over confidence in the person. Once the over confidence takes its front seat, one tends to behave strangely and loose the control of success and thus may fall from the ladder or slide down.
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    Very rightly said that over confidence may change personality trend of the human being and this may be the result of consistent achievements of success in a field. This may result in overconfidence and such temperament is dangerous in the sense that he would overlook the qualities of others and he often boasts of his success - stories. Such repetitive utterances of the events may create boredom in the long run. We must have a balanced approach in our life so that we could be appreciative of others and at the same time positivity has to be maintained to excel in our assigned jobs.

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    Yes I agree, a person should be confident to come up in life but not over confident. A person's personality will change by being over confident. An over confident person thinks he knows everything better and stops working to reach a goal and ultimately he will lose his success. A person should be confident enough to reach his goals and move forward.

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    Self-confidence is good and develops a person's intellectual growth but overconfidence is not good, it may leads to loss, unnecessary risk, failure etc.
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    Over-confidence may not block a person's growth by the concept itself.
    However when a person becomes overconfident he may become negligent and may knowingly or unknowingly ignore and avoid prudence and precautions. That may land him in problems which otherwise could have been avoided.
    Self-confidence is an asset and success booster, but over confidence can cause disruption and disaster.
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    Over-confidence brings slackness in mind. It eventually rusts the intellectual ability of a person. Over-confident persons tend to forget to analyse issues. So, over-confidence is not at all desirable. It must be avoided at all cost. Having said this, it must be admitted that the fine line between confidence and over-confidence is always blurred.
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    Yeah sure! But tell me, did you never even once feel over-confident? Bragging and flaunting is so very human. We cannot escape our biology, if we have something good, we must flaunt!
    It is a grave and immensely difficult task to go against your hardwired brain.
    Being over-confident brings out the primitive emotions in you and thus helps you to connect to your surroundings better.
    But over-confidence also gives birth to recklessness, which often leads to failure.
    So being careful and self-aware, we can minimize our over-confidence. But remember, minimize. We can never exterminate over-confidence because we should not.

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