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    Do you become a patriot by singing 'National Anthem' in cinema halls?

    Based on the Supreme Court of India's decision, the Government of India has made it compulsory for the Indian cinema halls to play the Indian National Anthem in the country's cinema halls wherein the cinema goers must stand to pay respect to the National Anthem while it is being played. What is your reaction to the government's decision? Will the Indians become more patriot by this type of forced patriotism on them or can patriotism be forced on the people of the country, the majority of whom are already patriotic? Is it needed for a person to be told that he or she has to be patriotic? A nationalist Indian's conscience pricks by itself to be patriotic who is always to ready to keep his or her country above the self. How can you call a person patriotic who commits all social and economic crimes and then stands in a cinema hall while the National Anthem is being played. Is it not a hypocrisy? Are we not watching the daily TV news and analysis to see how many Indians have tried to convert their black money to white? What about the persons who have helped the black money hoarders to convert their black money into white. Are all these persons not anti-nationals. Will standing in a cinema hall during the playing of National Anthem change the attitude of such people?
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    Mere standing for national anthem is not patriotism but there should be a real in terest on the nation should come from heart. Without the real interest on ones nation only leads them to move out of country for job etc.,

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    Standing in attention during National Anthem does not ensure patriotism but National Anthem of every country has symbolic value for the citizens of that country. We stand while National Anthem is being played to show respect to the nation, although there is no such legal obligation. Everything can not be explained legally.
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    Patriotism is not something that can be forced upon a person. It is rather an emotion that need to come out from your hearts. I am not in total agreement with the order that National Anthem has to be played before every show in theaters but do feel that it will help in reviving our feeling for the nation. It might not arouse our patriotism but nevertheless, it will surely help in refreshing our memory about the great culture and heritage of this wonderful country. There may be people from different backgrounds in the theater while the anthem is played but the mere act of standing up and respecting the anthem and being in the same wave length for the few seconds may help in creating a positive and unified energy. I like to think that way.
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    For me our National anthem is always a pride factor to sing and salute the flag during flag hoisting ceremonies as I am not habituated to watch movies, I does not know whether the court orders are followed and the National anthem played in every cinema house. But it is the duty of every citizen to give respect to our National anthem and sing along with to give our total support to the National song which gives great pride to every Indian. When the foreigners have learned our anthem in full then how can we lag behind. Every one must start their day with the anthem to support our cause.
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