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    Why coaching centers are there for every competetive exam in India but not in other countries?

    In India we find in most of the big cities or even in small towns coaching centers like IAS Academy, IPS Academy, IIT-JEE coaching centers, IELTS, Academy's to coach Medical Entrance exams, Bank posts exams, Group I, II,III,IV service exams etc. Especially in A.P. & Telangana of South India these coaching centers are much more than any other states of India. I don't think such coaching centers cannot be found in any foreign countries. Why Indian students are not learning the basic concepts of their topics properly in their regular courses and waste a lot of money on coaching centers. Is these coaching centers are in any way helpful in getting jobs after their studies?
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    Hello Ramakrishna sir , I am one of the member of these coaching centers and I feel that India has many coaching centers like this for a striking reason qualification ! For higher jobs like IAS & IPS there is nothing wrong from coaching centers as they are something difficult ! but even for exams like IIT - JEE , NEET , AIIMS , AIPMT we find coaching centers even in small towns as India is now gradually knowing "value of talent" rather than Qualification ! These small exams don't decide everything instead we need to know how live life , how to apply the leant in life ! Coming to wastage of money , it's all our interest based thing if we want to achieve something much we pay to coaching centers , if there is no interest nothing is deceived/achieved ! That's what I feel even now in my coaching center ...

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    The simple reason behind the flourishing trade of the coaching centres all over India is the different pattern of the question papers. X-th standard, XII-th standard, Graduation and Post-Graduation examinations in India are of qualifying nature. A student has to get a certain percentage of marks to pass, or to get IInd Class or to get Ist class in the examination. On the other hand, the competitive examinations are to select very few candidates out of the enormous number of applicants. So, naturally the pattern of question papers are different. Most of the students can't cope up with different pattern of the competitive examinations. So, the coaching centres which examine the trends of the previous years papers of the competitive examinations and prepare the students accordingly.

    However, those students who can cope up with different patterns of the competitive examinations on their own, don't require the guidance of the coaching institutes. I am saying this from my personal experience.

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    India is the largest democracy in the world. We have different types of talent in different fields. So many opportunities are available for youth. Everyone wants to achieve success and so that students rush towards coaching centers for competitive exams.
    One reality is that there is not any regulation and policy regarding coaching center. They are exempted from service tax up to 10 lack income. Comparing to other countries, there is no large opportunities for jobs in government. That is the reason for lacking of such large "Market" of talents.

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    Coaching centers are flourishing in India because of its large population compared to other countries. In China though presently population is more than India but there people involved themselves in manufacturing sector after completing skill based courses instead of dreaming to directly become engineers, managers and IAS officers. The coaching industry is exploiting the psyche of the students/parents of acquiring high positions without doing hard work during the regular studies in schools/colleges. Not only coaching institutes but many websites etc. are also thriving on the strength of typical mentality of Indian students. The talented one are generally able to excel and achieve outstanding success even without depending on the crutches of the coaching industry and the others are wasting their money in vain by paying fee to the coaching institutes.
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    In India the students wont give utmost attention in the classes nor they write the notes said by the teacher. That makes them suffer during exams and they try to rush in for coaching center to have the same studies taught in the classes. So this weakness was well utilized by many coaching Institutes and they teach some intricacies personally to bail out from even competition exams. For example in my daughters corporate college where she is doing BiPC, there are at least 250 weekly tests being conducted every years and that makes the student to remember the main questions that would come any competitive exams and thus they are always successful.
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