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    Which country's media is known to be the best in the world ?

    We all know that Indian media is most indisciplined, give importance to TRP ratings, give importance to sensationalism, biased news, support corrupt parties, exaggerating news, create false news for money etc. Without confirmation some of the TV Channels today spread the false news about Ms. Jayalalitha in the hospital. In the past also Indian media reported the death of the lok nayak Mr. Jaya Prakash Narayan while he was ailing in Jasloak hospital in Bombay. So usually Indian media has not got good image among the member countries of the world. Do you have any idea, the media of which country is more responsible, disciplined and well matured.
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    I guess BBC is. Which means Britain's media, because you can't afford to be partial while presenting the news.
    And the fact that BBC broadcasts about almost every country without any bias makes it the most efficient news channel ever.

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    I am also supporting the view of my son Aditya that BBC has been the most fair news channel which has earned the name and fame by not going overboard with any sensation and reports as it is fast and authentic. In fact when NTR became the Chief Minister of AP for the first time, it was the head line in BBC and that was great honor to a regional party which ousted Congress from power in just 8 months. Media should not be biased but they must tell the truth and that should real.
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    It is difficult choose the best news channel in the world. By doing so you have to be sure that on what basis you choose them. They cover news of whole world or for particular county or for positive news and most trustworthy and truthfulness of news.
    I like BBC news and installed the android application of it in my cell phone. But my favorite channels which i used to see is A- jazeera. CNN group is also most trustworthy media group. I like all three media groups for awareness of what happens in the world, in western countries and in middle east.

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    I remember having read that the Rajiv Gandhi had heard BBC news to confirm the death of his mother and former Prime Minister of India - Indira Gandhi.
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