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    We must earn name and fame, wealth and money are immaterial

    We all aspire to be famous in our life by doing some service to the family or the society we live and thus get satisfied. Getting name and fame is not a easy factor for that one has to plan and execute the actions in right way. Once the recognition kisses you, it is more responsible to keep that stature. Wealth and money can be earned. But it wont come with us till the grave yard. One business man has donated all his wealth to others and the next day he said that he had total and sound sleep the previous day. So money plays spoil sport in our life.
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    The wealthy people have a different point of view. The views expressed by the author represents the views of a common man like most of us. Many people earn name and fame by using the money of they have. Many politicians have earned popularity , if not real fame, by using Government money in distributing doles to the poorer section of the society.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    If we see the films of our ExCM, M.G.Ramachandran, all his films and songs in the films were stressed the importance of fame and doing good deeds to others. He lead his political life also in that way and he did many favors to Tamilnadu people in many ways both from his Power as CM as well through his personal aspects. This only can understand by the real beneficiaries. His one of the song in a film was, Maa perum sabai thanil nee varumbothu maalaikal vizha vendum which means when you walk through a great courtyard many garlands should fall on your shoulders. He lived so and he paved way to his followers also but One Ms.Jayalalitha took His word in her mind and lived in the same way and got fame and fame. She was honoured even by President and Prime Minister of a Country reveals that the fame is important rather than anything in Human life.

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