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    Isn't it easy to slave a human mind?

    The author says that humans are slaves, in one way or another. Do you have a different opinion? Join the discussion and be frank!

    Science says human has most developed brain and is capable of enslaving others. But I feel it is also so less developed that it can be enslaved easily.
    Fear of being proven wrong, formal education, religion have made it restricted to another level. This has happened to this level that we tend to find anything, anything to control us. We feel comfortable and complete when we have someone or something on higher level to us.
    I can give example to prove this, see the number of people following any religions preachers, political leaders, actors etc. Most of them just want to follow anything blindly. And this is due to "conditioning of mind" to the acceptance of slavery!
    Even when mind tries to find its political orientation, it tries to follow laid philosophies. Making of borders, nationalism, statehood, family and then announcing their heads, everything is made with idea of slavery!
    What do you think about it? Do you feel enslaved to a person who have given you something at a certain time?
    Do you think most of the relationship we have are having influence of making someone slave to some extent or being someone's slave again to some extent only?
    Members can discuss in against the topic too, favoring that human mind search for freedom only. You will have to give examples for supporting your side.
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    Yes it is easy to slave a human mind if you can read the pulse of your closed persons and act accordingly. In this regard I appreciate some politicians who are well versed with their antics and style of functioning which not only floors their followers but also makes them their slaves. Here do not take the word slave to actual meaning. Here slave means total surrender to the leadership. For example late Jayalalithaa had the command over her cadre and she guided and assured them in such a way that there was total reverence to her and even every one used to prostrate before her unmindful of their stature in the society.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Thank you editors!
    I think other side that human mind always strive for freedom, also has strong examples in support, like all freedom struggles that most of the nation's have fought for many years.

    Chitra Rana

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    Chitra, the point you raised is actually very simple. We are slaves in one manner or another. The reason for the same is something to be introspected. We tend to be slaves due to our inabilities and the masters are always there to question us!
    'Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment'- Lao Tzu

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    Humans tend to carve for freedom from inconveniences and be a slave of conveniences. The independent minds starve for freedom and easy going one succumb to slavery. Humans find solace in believing that there is the God who controls everything.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    You are absolutely right! We all are in search of best leaders, who can control and exploit us. I call it "suicidal effect". But this is what our brains are hardwired like. We are primates and we need an alpha to direct us to development. But never did we volunteer to be alpha, for it is easy to follow orders than to make them. And it is also easy to blame the leaders for our failures.
    We crave to be enslaved. That is the main reason why governments and religions are formed.
    Those with power humiliate and exploit the weak.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    I agree with the thought mentioned in this thread that making human mind slave is easy.
    One or other way we all surrender ourselves in front of others which is a kind of enslavement . And at a bigger level there are many examples also of making human mind slaves by brainwashing them for eg in case of 2nd world war the way Hitler created his Nazi army all because of he was able to convince the people about superiority of Aryan race. The way Hitler made whole Nazi Army to follow his instruction is a big example of enslavement of human mind.

    And in today's era their are babas and priest who make people slaves and make them surrender in front of them I believe it is also a kind of enslavement.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Being a slave seems a rather blanket statement. How about some other terms like commitment, dedication, loyalty and other words? They all have some slave-like aspects but not necessarily so. Perhaps replacing the term 'slave' with 'lazy' or something would fit your statements.

    It is a natural tendency to be lazy and laid back and let another person who has initiative to take over. It is easy to be a follower and tough to be a leader. Many people are happy to work in some place from 9 to 5, and then not be involved in the work as such and tune in to other things of life as family/friends/sports/music/writing/art/etc. There are those who know this and take advantage for good and bad, in the name of science, religion, and politics and other things, who easily place these into the 'slave' levels.

    That is why we ought to find our freedom and hold on to it. It is the freedom of choice, which is given by God (but controlled and even denied by religions). Even though I believe in Jesus, it doesn't make me a slave to him. It is more my choice to believe and follow his will. In fact it is that God has so much trust in each and every person that he is willingly giving this choice, and yet many cast away this unfailing trust from God toward us, and hang on to sure-to-fail things that we meet in life, like wealth, power, trust of man, trust of science or gadgets or procedures. I willingly do some things I am asked as described in the Word of God, and some things I do not and a lot of things at various levels of choice or 'slavery'.

    One of the freedoms I pursue and enjoy is to question what we've been told to accept as truth, regarding science and religion. I have swallowed a lot as true before, but now after checking things I find there are a lot of control/slavery than freedom of information and knowledge. I also have the freedom to say no and argue with my Lord Jesus, but I don't see the awful fear-loaded punishment from him, but rather a patient reasoning with and explanation and purpose to do something I do not want to. (That's because God is not a scary thing ready to beat you the moment you show any sign of dissent. And God is not a human like us). So yes I freely and willingly make my commitments and other things and yet it is not slavery. I also freely question some of the accepted 'truth' of science/religion because I chose not be enslaved under the misinformation that is pushed down our throats. I have the freedom to teach others these things.

    Of course, it is easy to trick and enslave, cheat, deprive or mislead people who trust you, but there are very serious consequences for doing that both from society and from God. The freedom God gives is not for sale and not for exploiting even though that is also a choice one can make. The penalties come soon enough.

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    It is a fact that every human is a slave in this world. All and sundry are enslaved in the field of their own desire. Field may vary between any of the profession to none of the profession exist in the world (ex: spirituality, prophecy, parapsychology, etc.,).
    Although no one is born with any desire, they ought to be/live with uni or multi desires on the course of life. This desire is chosen based on their environmental or individual mentality.
    A person, on entering into his/her desired field, with the knowledge of new or more things than others, churn out as leader in that discipline. On the other hand, on being inferior to any one in that field, turns them a follower of their leader.
    Literally, every follower is a slave to the leader in the name of the field. And every leader is a slave or follower in the name of exceptionality/divinity/distinguishability to ownself in that field. This unwritten law is written in every human's life, hereditarily.

    Few leader slaves in their corresponding fields are as follows:
    Thomas edision slaved himself to the field of invention
    Madam Marie Curie slaved herself (along with her life) to discover in the field of radioactivity
    Dalai lama slaved himself to the field of spirituality and peace
    Leonardo da Vinci slaved himself in multiple fields as a polymath
    Pele slaved himself to the field of football

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    Mind always seeks freedom in choosing what it wants. But for its safe working, help from the master is also necessary, Brain. Together it can do wonders. But at times there are moments when both dont agree with each other. Here comes the sound from soul. That inner voice that rules you. Neither mind nor brain can work alone. There is always a link between them. A link that connects many factors. something like if there is a new invention, the brainy ones only think from the perspective of making advantage of it, completely utilising it. But the mind(just a concept) thinks far beyond. Thinks of every aspect which the brain has missed out..

    so free our enslaved minds.. Free it up to the world of humanity... A word which is vanishing deep day by day

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